Juvederm Injectable Filler

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Juvederm Filler in Virginia Beach

voluma juvederm virginiaNow available at the Choe Center for Facial Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach, Virginia (conveniently located near Chesapeake and Norfolk). Juvederm is a FDA approved hyaluronic acid (naturally occurring) dermal filler for smile lines and facial folds. It is also an excellent non surgical treatment option for patients with thin lips. JUVEDERM filler treatment lasts 6 to 9 months and may be repeated for optimal results.

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About Juvederm Filler

Treatment usually involves the injection of Juvederm filler to the parts of the face with lines and folds. It may also be injected into lips to give more volume. Juvederm is injected into the dermis of the skin using a fine needle or into the lips. At the Choe Center for Facial Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach, your comfort and safety is very important to us. Most patients elect to have topical cream applied to the treatment area prior to the treatment for more comfortable experience. The injection process lasts less than 20 minutes, and most patients may resume their daily activity immediately after the treatment.

After your procedure, it is important not to manipulate the area. There may be some swelling which usually resolves in 24 to 48 hours. All filler injections are performed by Dr. Kyle Choe, a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

Benefits of Juvederm Cosmetic:

• FDA approved for persons of color and skin tones
• Corrects deeper wrinkles, folds, lost volume & contour
• More versatile with two formulations to choose from
• Juvederm is a smooth gel that flows easily & consistently into the skin
• The most advanced, all natural HA formula available today
• Non-animal based formula so no pre-test is needed to determine tolerance
• Just one Juvederm treatment provides optimum results lasting 6 -12 months
• Treatment is tailored to meet your individual needs
• Juvederm creates a natural look & a natural feel


JUVEDERM Injectable Gel Treatment Overview

After you and Dr. Choe have discussed your concerns and customized your treatment to meet your needs, you will be made comfortable and prepped, and your treatment will begin. Using a very tiny needle, Dr. Choe will inject either Juvederm ™ Ultra – or Juvederm into the specified sites. It flows easily and consistently into the skin so you will experience little to no discomfort and ensures a smooth, natural look and feel. There will be some redness, firmness and swelling for just a few days – usually up to 7 days. Virginia Beach Before and After Photos (Juvederm treatment)