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Five No-Nonsense Rules for Healthy Skin

5 No-Nonsense Rules for Healthy Skin

1. Good skin is an investment
Invest in your skin and you’ll look your best, no matter your age. That means, skip the drugstore brands and invest in skincare directed by a physician and cared for by a licensed aesthetician. Because you treated you

2. Fight Skin Amnesia
As we grow up, our skin cells don’t turn over as quickly as in our youth. This skin ‘process amnesia’ is a leading cause of textural skin aging. Help your skin remember how to turnover cells by gentle exfoliation of your face and neck. A great way to exfoliate is to take advantage of our microdermabrasion services at The Choe Center Skin Care Clinic at least once a month (see rule number 1). Since good skin is a commitment, you’ll see bigger results when you combine clinical microdermabrasion and a medical grade skin care regimen such as Allergan’s Vivité. Vivité uses glycolic acids in the cleansers to chemically exfoliate your skin, and a scrub with fine exfoliating particles and a glycolic acid (used one to two times per week) to keep your skin looking radiant.

3. Jeepers Creepers, Take Care of the Peepers
The area around your eyes doesn’t have enough oil glands to keep the area hydrated, so vigilance is vital or you’ll soon see crepe-y skin and fine lines. Eye creams help the thin, sensitive skin around your eyes, boosting its elasticity. Don’t forget your sunglasses as the physical act of squinting really wrecks a good pair–of eyes. Got dark circles? Erase ’em by booking an appointment with Dr. Choe for a Restylane or Juvederm injection under your eyes, or banish your crows and their feet to someone else’s face with a shot of Botox.

4. The Best “Shade” for Your Skin
Isn’t really a color, its a sunscreen. Pigmentation resulting from sun damage of yesterday and today can be just as aging as wrinkles. Get rid of past damage by getting a chemical peel from Dr. Choe (winter time is recommended) and slather on a good sunscreen early and often 24/7/365. Need help determining which sunscreen is best for you? Call our office and we’ll give you all the 411.

5. A good night means a good morning
Night is when skin goes into ‘rest and repair’ mode. Make sure you don’t skimp on the hours you allow your skin to repair itself from the days’ stresses, so make sure you get your sleep. It also helps to feed your skin generous amounts of antioxidants to make your skin radiant and rested, so you should try Dr. Choe’s own Renuvaré Skin Perfecting Antioxidant Serum 212 to give your skin the healthiest drink you can provide for it.

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