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Skin in Virginia Beach

Anti Aging Skin Care

The major hurdle with attaining good looks and keeping them lies in slowing the aging process of your skin. Though every part of the skin is vital, the face is more conspicuous than every other part of the skin, and as such should be well taken care of.

Aging is a natural course and no one can stop it, but we can do something to slow down the appearance. The Choe Center is dedicated to making you look younger than you are. We are your partner in fighting the aging process. We partner with the best pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical skincare providers to offer top notch skin care and treatments with general skin management options.

Our cosmetic and aesthetic solutions are tested and proven by the Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Choe himself administers our wrinkle rejuvenator and anti-aging gels on our clients. With the use of medical grade skin care and other pharmaceutical injectables, we keep you younger than you feel.

Dr. Choe is a specialist in facial plastic surgery who is serious about skin care. Dr. Choe has a philosophy, “good skin care is our first line of defense against aging”.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are used for skin exfoliating and smoothing skin. They are very important in creating healthy skin, and healthy skin is beautiful skin.

There are different types of peels with a variety of functions.

Sensi peels are gentle on any skin type. It contains some percentages of L-Lactic acid, TCA, Kojic acid vitamin C and lightening agents that promote a glowing, beautiful skin with reduced peeling. This peel is different from the other peels, as it is higher in concentration.

Facial Treatment

At The Choe Center, you can experience a signature facial treatment which starts with a microdermabrasion to deeply clean the pores and remove dead skin cells. This step is followed by a facial massage with vitamin C masque. This treatment is concluded with a five layer PCA serum. Facial impurities can be removed using a classic European Facial treatment.

The skin also needs multi-vitamins to retain its glow. With a multi-vitamin Facial, you can add a powerful exfoliant and help reverse the signs of aging. There is also an acne management to effectively treat certain levels of acne for all ages. The male gender is not left out at Choe Center.

With gentleman’s facials, you can remove razor burn and ingrown hair. This facial treatment can also be used to calm sensitive skin.

For problematic teenage skin, an Educational Teen Facial is recommended.

In cases of some hard to reach areas, purifying back facial treatment is here to deeply cleanse the pores and completely detoxify the skin. There is something for everybody at Choe Center no matter the age.

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The Choe Center’s microneedling is an innovative treatment that can prevent fine lines from deepening, as well as fade scars and pockmarks that are left by acne or trauma. Microneedling brings patients excellent results by taking advantage of the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, making the skin look firmer and rejuvenated in just a few weeks.


Effective anti-aging skincare reaches deep within the skin to improve cell health, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen production, and restore a healthy complexion. The Choe Center in Virginia Beach is committed to helping men and women achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful skin for a lifetime. Dr. Kyle S. Choe is proud to offer a range of exceptional anti-aging skincare treatments, including microdermabrasion in Virginia Beach, VA.

Obagi Blue Peel

Chemical peels are designed to exfoliate and smooth the skin for a healthier, more youthful and radiant look. While there are a variety of different types of chemical peels available today, the Obagi Blue Peel has become a very popular option for those looking to rejuvenate and refresh the skin with less downtime compared to traditional peels.

Skin Issues

Skin issues such as combination skin, acne, roseacea, very dry or sensitive skin are common issues we treat clients for at our office. We don’t dare call them them “problem skins” because to us, they aren’t problems at all. Skin “problems” are merely skin conditions which have not either been addressed or managed. Often we find our clients haven’t found the right balance in their skin care to bring out the best look in their skin. They might address the issue; but the treatment plan they use brings about undesirable consequences, or skin at the other end of the spectrum. For example, many acne sufferers wash their skin with harsh cleaning agents, leading to dry, flaky, or even angry skin. For many with skin issues, skin care is a vicious cycle.


Injectables help to maintain the skin, keeping you looking youthful. These injections do not need much preparation to schedule and receive. It can be done over a lunch break with reduced downtime. These injectables aid in smoothing wrinkles, filling in facial lines, and keeping your skin smooth and supple without undergoing a surgical procedure – often for a fraction of the cost of surgery.

At The Choe Center, we offer injectable fillers to treat a variety of problems. Click here to read more about our injectable treatment options.


To achieve beautiful skin, you need to begin with Renuvare. Renuvare was founded by our own Dr. Kyle Choe, in his own kitchen! Through his daily scriptural meditation, he discovered Queen Esther’s beauty ritual from the bible. His discovery inspired him in formulating products based on ancient wisdom which is now scientifically proven to be effective.

Because of his desire to help his clients attain the most beautiful skin possible, Dr. Choe came up with Skin Perfecting Serum 212. This formula helps to ease the appearance of stress lines and wrinkles, and also support and protect the skin’s process of renewal.

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