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Facial Reshaping in Virginia Beach

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Facial Reshaping Plastic Surgery procedures in Virginia Beach, VA.

Also called Fat Grafting – Facial Reshaping

By using your own body fat – and transferring it to another area of the body such as the face – Dr. Choe can correct or improve such conditions as acne and surgical scars, replace facial volume that’s been lost due to disease or reverse unwanted signs of aging by plumping up sunken cheeks and minimizing facial lines and grooves. Fat grafting is not reserved exclusively for the face – it can be effectively used to correct aging signs of the hands to replace tissue that’s been lost between the bones for example. Fat grafting is a very common procedure used today to “defy the aging process” by restoring to you the healthy, natural face and body you deserve and is available at The Choe Center in Virginia Beach, VA.

pictureBenefits of Facial Reshaping Surgery

  • Fat grafting if safe, effective and requires no pre-testing
  • Fat grafting uses your own body fat to improve/correct other areas
  • Fat grafting is accepted readily by your body
  • Fat grafting corrects, plumps, decreases and restores
  • Fat grafting creates long lasting, natural results
  • Fat grafting requires little to no downtime

Fat Grafting FAQs

If you have thin lips, gaunt face, long face, bottom-heavy face, asymmetrical face, chubby face, sunken eyes, mid-face retrusion and or neck laxity – fat grafting can be used to create or recreate high cheekbones and fuller lips – fill in those sunken areas and create balance and natural beauty that has been lost or was never there to begin with.