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IPL in Virginia Beach

An Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photofacial is a state-of-the-art skin treatment that utilizes light therapy to resolve a wide variety of skin imperfections. If you’re looking for a non-surgical and non-invasive way to restore a clear and beautiful look to your skin, contact the skin rejuvenation experts at The Choe Center to find out if IPL in Virginia Beach is the best treatment option for you.

What Can IPL Treat?

This popular rejuvenating treatment allows you to eradicate your skin imperfections and gives you healthy and glowing skin. It expertly improves skin texture, reduces pore size, and smooths away fine lines and wrinkles.

The IPL photofacial is often used for the removal of skin issues like birthmarks, sun damage, freckles, and age spots. IPL can also resolve concerns like varicose veins, unwanted hairs on the face, broken blood vessels on the face, and even rosacea.

Should You Opt for an Intense Pulsed Light Treatment?

Before you can come in for an Intense Pulsed Light photofacial, you will need to have your candidacy reviewed during a consultation at The Choe Center. We will examine your skin, analyze your present health condition and complete medical history, and discuss your aesthetic goals with you. We can then let you know if you are a suitable candidate for the IPL photofacial.

Generally, candidates fit for the IPL photofacial have the following in common:

  • They suffer from discolored, blotchy, and sun-damaged skin or skin marred by wrinkles, freckles, and pores.
  • They have fair and untanned skin with normal elasticity.
  • They have been diagnosed with rosacea.
  • They do not have unrealistic expectations from the treatment.

Individuals with fairer skin are better suited for the IPL photofacial than individuals who have a darker complexion. People with dark complexions may experience complications from undergoing this treatment.

What Does an IPL Photofacial Involve?

An IPL photofacial is a 30-minute cosmetic treatment procedure that involves the safe and harmless penetration of your skin by intense pulses of light. These intense pulses of light cause the collagen and blood vessels below your epidermis to constrict. Production of new collagen protein is stimulated, which results in healthier and clearer skin.

This treatment option is comparatively painless and can feel like a rubber-band snap. In many cases, a topical anesthetic can be used on the skin beforehand in order to reduce any potential discomfort.

No recovery time is needed after this treatment, so you won’t have to compromise your busy schedule when you decide to opt for the IPL photofacial. The skin may be temporarily red for around three hours following the treatment session.

The benefits of this treatment will develop gradually as new collagen is created. Improvements can be observed within weeks. Around three to six treatments are usually necessary to achieve ideal results.

How Much Does IPL in Virginia Beach Cost?

The price of your IPL treatment will depend on the skin condition(s) you want to resolve and the number of sessions needed to achieve your desired results. During your consultation, we will create a personalized treatment plan for your needs. The details of your IPL treatment, along with the associated cost, will then be reviewed with you.

Arrange a Consultation for IPL in Virginia Beach

Don’t know where to have your IPL photofacial treatment performed? Visit Dr. Kyle Choe at The Choe Center. With our years of training and expertise, our skilled medical professionals are able to provide patients with optimal results from this and many other safe and effective skin-treatment options. Contact our office today to set up your helpful consultation.