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Restylane® in Virginia Beach

While it is impossible to turn back the hands of time, there is a chance to outsmart the early signs of aging with Virginia Beach’s cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Kyle S. Choe. As the skin’s elasticity begins to wane, frustrating wrinkles can appear. At the same time, the vital stores of natural fat underneath the eyes and along the cheeks may disappear, leaving behind a hollow, unhealthy appearance. Restylane, one of today’s most trusted dermal fillers, is available at The Choe Center. Restylane immediately adds volume and fullness to the skin, improving fine lines and deep wrinkles. A treatment takes only a few minutes, requires no downtime, and can take years off of the appearance.

Restylane | Virginia Beach, VA

The Benefits of Restylane

Restylane is an innovative dermal filler, comprised of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). A vital building block of healthy skin, HA provides important structure for smooth, youthful tissue. Restylane injections apply HA to target areas, plumping tissues, restoring lost volume, and erasing wrinkles for up to nine months. Over the following weeks, as the HA encourages the body’s natural collagen production, the benefits of treatment will continue to improve. This procedure can be used to smooth nasolabial folds, plump facial lines and creases, and sculpt the lips.

Benefits of Restylane Include:

  • Smoothing of facial creases
  • Dramatic improvement for fine lines
  • Erasing scars from acne or facial trauma
  • Plump and curvaceous lips
  • Restored facial volume and symmetry
  • Softer, taut tissues around the eyes

The Restylane Consultation

Prior to scheduling any aesthetic procedure, a consultation appointment will be arranged with Dr. Choe at The Choe Center. During this time, the surgeon will review your medical history and perform a brief skin evaluation. Dr. Choe will explain the procedure in detail and show Before/After photos of recent patients to better illustrate the process. Together, Dr. Choe will help you determine if Restylane is the right treatment to reach your desired results, and if so, an individualized treatment plan will be established.

The Ideal Candidate for Restylane Injections

Anyone unhappy with the early signs of aging or looking to add volume to their features can see significant benefits with Restylane. An ideal candidate will be in good health and understand the process. They will also have realistic expectations for their results. The injectable is safe for all skin types and ethnicities. During the consultation, Dr. Choe will go over the benefits and potential risks of Restylane to help you decide if the injectable is right for you.

Restylane at The Choe Center

At The Choe Center, a Virginia Beach Restylane session will take less than half an hour to perform, and patients can get back to their normal routine right away. Once the targeted areas of the face have been determined, the provider will administer Restylane using a very thin needle. As Restylane contains Lidocaine, a local anesthetic, the injections are not considered painful. When needed, Dr. Choe can add an additional topical or local anesthetic prior to treatment for additional patient comfort.


No downtime is necessary after the injections, so you will be able to resume normal activities immediately. It is important that the treatment area not be manipulated or rubbed during first 78 hours following treatment, as the Restylane may be dispersed to surrounding tissues.

Minor redness and swelling is a common side effect following Restylane injections, although these will resolve over the next several days. You will notice the benefits of Restylane immediately after treatment, however, as the swelling dissipates, the results will improve even more dramatically. As the HA triggers the body’s Collagen production, the youthful benefits are long lasting. Patients will note that the results from the injections last between six and nine months. At this point, a repeat Restylane session can be scheduled to maintain the benefits from treatment.

Restylane Risks and Complications

Patient safety is of the utmost importance at The Choe Center, and Dr. Choe uses innovative injectable techniques in a cutting-edge, patient-friendly environment. While Restylane is a safe and effective dermal filler, there is always the chance for mild side effects to occur, including bruising, and mild swelling. It is unlikely that more serious complications will be seen following your Restylane injections, however on rare occasions infection, bleeding, scarring, facial asymmetry, and nerve damage have been seen. As a renowned, board-certified plastic surgeon, specializing in procedures of the face and neck, Dr. Choe ensures his patients receive the most satisfying Restylane procedures available, with the smallest risk for problems.

If you are in the Virginia Beach area and are considering noninvasive facial rejuvenation techniques, call The Choe Center at 757.389.5850 to schedule a consultation. Dr. Choe will perform a complimentary initial evaluation, and suggest the techniques that can best achieve your desired results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Restylane is an innovative dermal filler, made from Hyaluronic Acid. The injectable will eliminate facial creases, plump lips, and replace the volume loss that occurs with age.

Patients can see excellent tightening and smoothing of nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and Glabellar lines between the eyebrows, as well as youthful, lifted corners of the mouth and an improved shape to the tear trough.

Anyone who is unhappy with the appearance of static wrinkles and volume loss may be a good candidate for Restylane. Potential patients should be in good health and hold reasonable expectations for their results.

Using a very small needle, Restylane is injected into predetermined areas of the face. The procedure will take less than half an hour, from start to finish.

The benefits of Restylane can be seen immediately. Over the next few days, as any swelling subsides and the Restylane settles into its location, your results will continue to improve.

Benefits from Restylane can last from six to nine months.

No, Restylane injections are not considered painful, although patients may note a mild pinch during the injections. Restylane gel is premixed with Lidocaine (an anesthetic) to maximize patient comfort.

Immediately after a Restylane treatment, the target area may be slightly red and swollen, although these side effects will dissipate over the following few days.

Patients can return to their normal activities immediately following a Restylane treatment.

Restylane is considered a safe and effective dermal filler. Although complications are rare, there is a small chance for facial asymmetry, scarring, and nerve damage to occur. Dr. Choe brings years of injectable experience to each patient, minimizing any chance for complications.

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