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Studies suggest that more than 10 million people suffer from TMJ (temporomandibular joint) jaw tension and pain in the United States. The condition can cause pain around the ear, headaches, tenderness or aching in the jaw, difficulty opening the mouth, and sensitive teeth.  Factors such as teeth clenching/grinding (bruxism), stress, poor bite, jaw injury, and arthritis are the most common causes of TMJ syndrome.

Botox for TMJ | Virginia Beach, VA

As one of the top cosmetic surgeons in Virginia, Dr. Kyle Choe offers patients cutting-edge treatment for TMJ that does not require surgery. Injecting Botox into afflicted facial muscles allows the jaw to relax, relieving pain and tension from TMJ. Botox is an extremely effective procedure and just one treatment from The Choe Center in Virginia Beach can improve TMJ symptoms for up to three full months.

Botox for TMJ at The Choe Center

Over the years Botox has found an increasing number of uses in the cosmetic field, from smoothing wrinkles to alleviating hyperhidrosis (excess sweating). Used as a successful, alternative treatment for TMJ, Dr. Choe can eliminate the headaches from teeth grinding and avoid more serious complications from the disorder, such as lockjaw.

The temporomandibular joint is located on the sides of the head, where the jaw meets the skull. This joint is used all day, making it possible to talk, eat, and swallow. When the joint is displaced or overworked, you can experience tension headaches and mild to severe pain in the jaw. Botulinum Toxin Type A, or Botox, is a muscle-paralyzing agent. Injected into the temporalis, frontalis, or masseter, Botox will cause these muscles to temporarily relax, eliminating jaw tension. Depending on the severity of TMJ symptoms, including headaches, additional areas may be included during treatment.

No surrounding areas are affected by the injections. With Botox TMJ jaw pain, there is no frozen or taut appearance. The injections are deep in the jaw muscles, so no one will ever know the injections took place.

Chrissy Dove

“After 10 plus years of dealing with TMJ disorder, going to endless doctors, dentists and orthodontists Dr. Choe took the time to explain how getting botox in my jaw could help with my overworked muscles. Clenching my teeth at night and stress during the day made my jaw pop, click and hurt giving me headaches. After recently getting botox, my jaw pain is subsiding. Dr. Choe and his staff have been phenomenal throughout this process!”


Candidates for TMJ Treatment with Botox

If you have moderate jaw tension or TMJ, wear a mouth guard for grinding and clenching, or suffer from morning headaches, then Botox may be a safe and successful treatment. Prospective patients should be in generally good health and understand the Botox process. Realistic expectations are vital for a satisfactory procedure. Botox injection treatments should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation. Anyone considering treatment for TMJ with Botox should schedule a one-on-one consultation at The Choe Center.

TMJ Botox Consultation with Dr. Choe

Prior to scheduling Botox injections for TMJ, Dr. Choe will perform an in-person consultation to determine your eligibility. During this exam, he will carefully take your medical background and discuss current medications. Dr. Choe will then explain how Botox can improve TMJ symptoms, as well as review the benefits and limitations as it pertains to your unique situation. If Botox is determined to be the right procedure to improve your TMJ, a personalized treatment plan will be designed.

Botox TMJ Injections at The Choe Center

Dr. Choe performs his Botox injections in a private treatment room at his Virginia Beach office. Each procedure takes about 15-20 minutes. Although the injections are not considered painful, and no anesthesia is needed, Dr. Choe offers patients the option of a topical anesthetic cream to further increase comfort levels. Once the anesthetic has been applied, the Botox will be applied will to the predetermined areas of the jaw/face.

Recovery and Results From Botox For TMJ

There is no downtime required after Botox injections for TMJ, patients can return to work, school, and most normal activities right away. However, strenuous physical activity and exercise should be postponed for the next four hours. To avoid spreading the toxin to other muscles, it is vital that patients do not rub the treatment area on the first day. Remaining upright for several hours after treatment is also important, allowing the Botox to properly settle into the desired target muscles.

The benefits of Botox TMJ can be seen almost immediately. Over the following week, the results will continue to improve. Some patients also report a mild improvement of area wrinkles, as the jaw muscles relax, and the appearance starts to look less angry or tense. As the hypertrophic masseter muscle will relax, those with a wide jaw may notice a slight narrowing following the injections. In many cases, a mouth guard is no longer needed. In five to six months, as the benefits of the Botox injections wear off, a repeat treatment can maintain the results.

Lady looking to the mirror - TMJ

Potential Complications From Botox For TMJ

Botox treatment for TMJ disorder is considered a safe alternative to traditional therapies. While the side effects of treatment are mild, such as bruising, localized bleeding, and headaches, there are rare cases of more serious issues. These can include infection and excessive paralysis along the treated area.

Not all cosmetic surgeons have training in this revolutionary therapy, so it is important that patients choose a provider experienced using Botox to treat TMJ, like Dr. Choe, to ensure the safest treatment and best results.

How Much Does Botox TMJ Cost?

Botox TMJ cost varies greatly depending on a variety of criteria. Price is dependent on factors like the number of injections required and the number of wrinkles being treated. Please contact our office for more information.

Find out if Botox is right for your TMJ symptoms.

Dr. Kyle Choe has been providing the best in plastic surgery to the face and neck for more than ten years. Contact his Virginia Beach office at 757.389.5850 for more information on TMJ treatment. Our professional patient coordinators will answer your questions and assist in scheduling a consultation appointment.

Schedule a Botox TMJ Consultation

Dr. Kyle S. Choe is a highly skilled and experienced facial aesthetic expert who specializes in Botox TMJ injections. Recognized as one of the best aestheticians in Virginia Beach, VA, Dr. Kyle S. Choe is dedicated to providing the best results Virginia Beach, VA has to offer. Contact the The Choe Center today to schedule a consultation for your Botox TMJ treatment.

Frequently asked questions about TMJ Treatment with Botox

Botox is a muscle-paralyzing toxin, which will successfully ease muscle tension of the jaw, improve symptoms of TMJ including jaw pain, headaches, and lockjaw.
Botox is mainly used to relax the temporalis, frontals, and masseter muscle, although other sites may be included, as needed. The toxin injections will not affect any other areas of the body.
All Botox injections are performed in one of The Choe Center’s private treatment rooms at the Virginia Beach office.
Depending on the extent of correction and the number of injections needed, Dr. Choe’s Botox TMJ treatment normally takes 15-30 minutes.
There is no downtime following Botox TMJ, so you can return to work or school immediately after the injections.
It is recommended that exercise and strenuous physical activity be postponed for 24 hours following Botox injections for TMJ, allowing the toxin to settle into the targeted muscles.
You will be able to resume most normal activities right away, following Botox injections for TMJ. Exercise should be put off until the following day. Do not rub or massage the treatment area for at least 24 hours, so as not to move Botox into surrounding muscles. Makeup can be worn and there are no restrictions on diet.
Botox can effectively relax muscles for five to six months. After this time, a repeat treatment will be needed to maintain results.
Patients report their Botox injections to feel like a quick prick or pinch. To make the injections more comfortable, Dr. Choe will possibly use a topical anesthetic cream prior to treatment.
The most common side effects from Botox treatments are headaches, bruising, and bleeding at the injection sites, although these rapidly improve. Less common are temporary eyelid droop or excessive muscle weakness, infection, and flu-like symptoms.

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