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Anti-Aging in Virginia Beach

About Anti-Aging Skin Care

Skin care that slows down the process of aging requires more than just cleaning your skin

Men and women are now concerned with taking care of their skin. In our culture it’s important to take care of ourselves and to be seen with vitality and good looks. Slowing down the process of aging is a large part of getting and keeping our good looks, or the keys to getting ahead in our careers. While all of your skin is important, your face is seen more than any other part of the miracle organ of skin, and therefore could (and often is) considered the most important part of their skin. Needless to say it is the most tended part of our skin, because of its visibility. As we grow older it gets more and more important to keep it as youthful looking as we can.

Everyone will age, we can’t do anything about that. But there are things we can do to influence how fast our individual aging process will occur. At The Choe Center, we are committed to being your partner in anti-aging. We are committed to providing skin care and anti-aging therapies to slow down the process of aging. We work with our pharmaceutical business partners to bring you you the best, most state-of-the-art skin treatments and daily skin management options.

We use proven solutions approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for cosmetic or aesthetic use, and we prefer to use medical grade options for our clients. Why? Because we know they will work. We use medical grade skin care and pharmaceutical injectables and fillers in order to keep you looking as young as you feel. Our wrinkle smoothers and anti-age injectable gels are administered by Dr. Choe, and not an injectionist. We take pride in that, and so do our clients.

Dr. Choe is a facial plastic surgeon who is serious about skin care. In fact, he has said many times “good skin care is our first line of defense against aging”. This philosophy is something important in his practice and his personal time. In fact, he’s so serious about skin care, he created an all-natural skin care serum (in his kitchen!) chock full of wholesome nuts, fruit acids and other ingredients and myrrh, yes, myrrh. This kitchen wonder provides serious antioxidants that benefit your skin at night while it rests; and his serum complements many medical grade formulas. Want to read more about this natural wonder?

Want some dialogue not just about anti-aging skin care but about healthy skin and it’s care? Then you’ll want to join our blog. Dr. Choe will provide his opinions and answer those nagging questions about skin care. You ask, we’ll answer.