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Plastic Surgery Office in Virginia Beach Office CorridorThere are many plastic surgery centers for you to choose from in the Hampton Roads, VA, area and all across our nation. Many offer different things to their clients; and many just promise things to clients. Unlike other plastic surgery centers, we don’t ask that you conform to us; we seek to conform to what you want in a plastic surgery practice. We are very unique in that we treat everyone who comes in as a unique individual. Just as everyone in the entire world has a different face than everyone else, so it is with everyone’s feelings, wants, needs and desires about surgery and outcomes of the surgery. With that in mind, our staff is mindful each face we see is unique and desires something different than the person who came in before. The unique-ness of faces is what we believe in and what we do. Awarded the collectively by independent groups such as the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care and singularly by the Consumers’ Research Council of America, our facial plastic surgery practice is seen as a beneficial part of the health care community. Through these awards and recognition, patients and potential patients can rest assured we strive to deliver the finest health care standards and experience patients deserve.

Here are some more reasons our clients have chosen us:

The Choe Center for Facial Plastic Surgery is the area’s only plastic surgery practice to specialize in faces

There are many plastic surgery centers in the Hampton Roads area with many talented surgeons. Many of these surgeons perform many types of plastic surgery on different areas of the body. We’re different. We only perform plastic surgery to areas of your head or face. Our surgeon, Dr. Choe, is double-board certified in facial plastic surgery and performs a good deal of facial plastic surgeries each year. He has also authored many publications that are used as reference material and even teaching material/required reading for up-and-coming facial plastic surgeons. Our professional and committed-to-excellence staff can help you reach your plastic surgery decisions and help you before and after your surgery. We don’t treat you like a number. We’re your facial plastic surgery center, and we believe, like faces, each person is different and should be treated with respect and consideration. We think you’ll see the difference right away.

Information about Dr. Choe

The Choe Center stands for wholesome plastic surgery outcomesWe have a wholesome outlook about plastic surgery

At The Choe Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, we don’t promise that you’ll look like someone else after you have surgery. While surgeons may have the capacity to change the way you look, they shouldn’t. We don’t. We simply say we can help you look as young or as good as you feel. Whether your desire is to shave off some years by tightening your skin through a facelift or to repair or restructure something you’ve always had or always wanted, we can help. But we will never make you look like someone else. No matter how much you’d like for us to.

Skin care virginiaWe believe skin care should be part of the plastic surgery process

Dr. Choe isn’t just a facial plastic surgeon. He’s a skin care advocate. Dr. Choe’s simple advice to clients concerning maintenance of their new look revolves around taking care of it via skin care. But in a world of thousands of creams, lotions, serums and potions, what do consumers do? Smart consumers ask their doctor’s advice. Since we have many clients who have done just that, we’ve created a blog to address general skin care questions, on top of what you can get as client of Dr. Choe’s. You can get in on the conversation.