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Radiesse® in Virginia Beach

Losing volume in the face – lipoatrophy – happens when we lose facial fat while aging, become ill or experience a trauma. Whatever the cause is, a sunken look in the mid face area can result. The jawline and chin may lose their contour and smile lines become more prominent. A pain free alternative to surgical procedures is Radiesse – a safe and proven treatment used around the world more than 150,000 times.

Radiesse | Virginia Beach

Radiesse Injectable Gel Wrinkle Treatment in Virginia Beach, VA

Radiesse is a simple, painless injection treatment with truly amazing and instant results. Radiesse has been used very successfully in the hands, a part of the body which shows your age more easily than your face, as it is exposed and less cared for than your face.

Benefits of Radiesse:

  • Radiesse is an injectable filler that’s safe & effective
  • Radiesse is consistent with its proven results
  • Improves facial contours, depressions & defects
  • Is a non surgical wrinkle filler treatment
  • Gives patients results right away & are long-lasting
  • Is non toxic and compatible with the human body
  • It has been used in over 150,000 procedures around the world
  • Encourages new collagen matrix growth safely & successfully

Dr. Cho is very detailed and efficient at what he does. I went to see him about the bags under my eyes. He suggested surgery but also suggested Restylane as well. I chose the Restylane. I don’t have time for recuperation for the surgery. It took two visits (only because I needed to go to work the next day and did not want the swelling) and the results are amazing. I have no more bags!!! There was very little pain, just a little pinch, and he was super quick. I had very little swelling and no noticeable bruising. I will definitely be returning.

5 Star Rating

Joyce Kuberek

Radiesse Frequently Asked Questions

Radiesse is made of smooth calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHa) particles that are suspended in a water-based gel carrier that is both safe and bio-compatible with soft-tissue.

Get precise results with these painless injections that will last for one to three years. The majority of patients see immediate results – the benefits are long lasting with occasional follow-up treatments.