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Non-Surgical Procedures in Virginia Beach

The Choe Center for Facial Plastic Surgery also excels in many anti-aging procedures which do not involve surgery.

Non-Surgical Procedures Before and After Photos:
Fillers to Lips Before and After Photos
Fillers to Hands
Nose Reshaping without Surgery Before/After Photos
Chemical/TCA Peels Before and After Photos

In many years past, surgery was just about the only way one could maintain a youthful appearance. Not anymore. At The Choe Center, we excel at cutting age procedures and the safest and best ways to keep you looking great.

Virginia Ulthera


This non-surgical treatment uses ultrasound energy to lift and tone loose skin with minimal to no downtime. Without any incisions, Ultherapy™ activates the body’s collagen rebuilding process, allowing your skin to gradually shift back to a more youthful position after just one or two treatments.

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TCA Skin Peels, Virginia Beach

TCA Peels

Dr. Choe also offers the TCA peel, which is a deep dermal layer peel which must be administered by a licensed physician. Much stronger than the peels in our clinic, this peel eradicates most sun damage you have accumulated and brings about new skin.

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Thermi Silhouette Instalift, Virginia Beach

MINT Tread Lift

Throughout the past few years, the medical field has excelled and advanced in many ways. The cosmetic medical field is no exception and has developed new and advanced technology that has assisted patients.

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Laser Skin Resurfacing, Virginia Beach

Laser Skin Resurfacing

The Choe Center for Facial Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach, Virginia, now offers laser skin resurfacing using the Pearl Laser by Cutera. The procedure is used to treat fine lines, spots from sun damage and uneven skin.

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Liquid Facelift, Virginia Beach

Liquid Facelift

Over time, facial volume and skin elasticity diminish, resulting in a worn or aged appearance. Unfortunately, volume loss in the face cannot be corrected with a traditional facelift and, in fact, the facelift can actually exacerbate this condition.

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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty, Virginia Beach

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Some people with minor imperfections of the nose, such as a dorsal bump, droopy tip, slight crook, or low bridge, may not be ready to commit to a traditional rhinoplasty procedure.

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Phenol Peel, Virginia Beach

Phenol Peel

Chemical peels are a popular skin treatment that can help rejuvenate and refresh the face. While all peels can help encourage cell turnover for brighter, more radiant skin, not all peels can make much of a difference in treating signs of aging.

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“V” Lift, Virginia Beach

Volume Lift

It is unfortunate how time can affect the appearance. The skin may lose its natural elasticity and collagen stores, developing fine lines and deep creases. Fat stores, which give the face healthy volume, also decline with age.

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Before and After Photos:
Fillers to Lips
Fillers to Hands
Nose Reshape without Surgery Before/After Photos
Chemical/TCA Peels Before and After Photos