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Capillus272 Laser Treatment in Virginia Beach

Capillus272 | Virginia Beach, VATake control, today. Stop hiding your hair loss, and start re-growing hair with the Capillus272™ laser therapy cap. This physician-managed hair loss treatment is a safe, proven, and effective way to reverse the signs of hair loss in the comfort of your own home, or even on-the-go.

Hair loss is a progressive life-long condition that leads to increased thinning, shedding, and balding over time. Concealing hair loss with a normal hat, scarf, or comb over is not a solution. As hairlines recede and volume shrinks, adults often suffer with fear, anxiety, and shame that can have a profoundly negative impact on personal and professional life.

Capillus272™: Safe, Proven, and Effective Hair Loss Treatment

The Capillus272 is a lightweight and portable device that fits just beneath your favorite baseball cap or hat, empowering you to enjoy low level laser therapy (LLLT) on your own terms. Capillus272 has been clinically proven to regrow hair in both men and women, offering a non-surgical hair loss treatment option that can be used in conjunction with other treatments like Rogaine®, Propecia®, or even hair transplant surgery.

How it works. Simply tuck the Capillus272 insert inside an ordinary baseball cap, hat, or other headwear. Activate the battery-pack, and enjoy mobile laser hair therapy for up to 30 minutes every other day, or as otherwise instructed by your physician. Discrete, lightweight, and extremely portable, Capillus272 is cleared by the FDA and has no known side effects.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and Hair Regrowth

Patients often wonder: How does a laser cap make hair grow? Although low level laser therapy (LLLT) is new option for hair loss treatment, it is an established science that has been proven across a wide variety of other medical fields and applications since the 1960s.

LLLT uses a safe spectrum of laser light to stimulate the scalp. At just 650nm, this laser is gentle, cool, and does not damage the hair or skin. With regular treatment, LLLT has been shown to stabilize hair loss and promote re-growth by improving cellular respiration and circulation across the scalp. This gets to the root of the problem, nourishing hair follicles with the blood, nutrients, and growth factors needed for thicker, fuller hair.

Learn More About Hair Loss Treatment with Capillus272

Do not be fooled by other laser caps and lookalike products for sale on Amazon, eBay, and other generic resellers. Capillus272 is available through an authorized network of physicians only to ensure safety and results. Contact us to learn more about safe, proven, and effective laser hair restoration with the industry’s leading laser cap, the Capillus272.

Capillus272 Laser Therapy Cap Physician

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