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Mini Facelift in Virginia Beach

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When you don’t need, want or have time for a full facelift – the Mini-Facelift could be the answer for you. With this procedure specific trouble spots such as neck, jowls, and nasolabial folds can be targeted for rejuvenation with much less healing time involved. The less dramatic changes created by this facelift result in a “subtle” refreshed look.

The Mini-Facelift procedure

The face and neck are where premature signs of aging show up first. In today’s competitive, corporate, anti-aging minded environment, looking your best is most important. You don’t need to wait until a full facelift is needed to stop those unwanted early signs of aging – and turn back the clock – Board Certified Surgeon Kyle Choe offers this mini-facelift procedure at The Choe Center in Virginia Beach, VA. We have included in our readers’ section to the right, a listing of procedures many clients have performed at the same time as their mini-facelift, in order to maximize youthfulness.

Benefits of Mini-Facelift

  • Mini-FaceLift is safe, effective and subtle
  • Targets specific problem areas
  • Tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Can prevent premature signs of aging
  • Less invasive – so there’s less downtime
  • Results in a subtle, refreshed, youthful look

Mini-Facelift | Virginia Beach, VA

Dr. Choe is a true artist. Before the face lift, my face was asymmetrical, with one side more droopy than the other. He corrected that along with rejuvenating my face. He also called me at home before surgery to reassure me because he knew I was very anxious, and he called me afterwards to check up and see how I was doing. He is a caring as well as competent doctor. The anesthesiologist and office staff are also excellent, and they all took the time to answer all of my questions, which were many. Very patient and caring group. If I could give six stars, I would.

5 Star Rating

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Mini-FaceLift frequently asked questions:

Yes. Patients frequently decide to have skin resurfacing performed also to improve skin tone and texture. This offers a more complete – pleasing outcome.
This is best chosen by those who have slight to moderate signs of aging in the face and neck.
Dealing with the signs of aging early allows us to deal with those problems before they get worse, become apparent and require a full-blown facelift. You can enjoy a more youthful appearance sooner and for a longer period of time. When considering any facial plastic surgical procedure – remember that Board Certified surgeons are the most skilled and qualified. Dr. Choe is a board certified facial plastic surgeon, certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Complementary Procedures: Eyelid Lift, Brow lift, Injectables