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This page is designed for our clients who are interested in the care of their skin, committed to facial plastic surgery or those just contemplating facial plastic surgery.

This page will change often and contain information concerning your skin and it’s care, as well as facial plastic surgery. We will have objective information here as well as articles and advice, edited by Dr. Choe for the interest of his client.

From our articles and other information, you will get a good idea of what cosmetic surgery is all about, what surgery entails as well as how to prepare for it. This page will always change and evolve to provide you with the information you need to help give you the best advice about your skin and about issues involving cosmetic surgery. Information will come to you in articles, blog entries, podcasts, seminar presentations and webinar recordings, along with links to other cosmetic surgery information outlets.


Dr. Choe’s Five Steps to Beautiful, Healthy Skin


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