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What is ultherapy?

Question: There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information out there about ultherapy. Can you explain what it is, what it treats, and how effective it is? Answer: Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to stimulate the collagen in your skin to tone and lift the skin. It is a non-surgical option for facial rejuvenation. The entire […]

What can I expect of the recovery after my hair transplant?

Question: What can I expect of the recovery after my hair transplant? Answer: There will be minimal crusting in the recipient site. These will fall off on its own. It’s important not to pick them. Most patients are able to shampoo within 6-7 days post procedure, use hair products and return to aerobic exercises within […]

Botox as a preventative measure?

Question: Does Botox prevent new wrinkles from forming, or does it only treat existing ones? Answer:  An argument can be made that Botox does both. It will treat the motion related lines that are already present on your face (upper third of your face), but used repeatedly it will prevent your skin from forming new […]

Male and Female Hair graft candidates

Question: I’m in Norfolk and considering a hair transplant. What makes someone a candidate for a hair transplant? Are there people who aren’t appropriate candidates? Answer:  Good candidates for hair transplant surgery include: Men and women who have been losing their hair due to genetic hair loss for more than five years Men who have […]

What is the crust that forms after a hair transplant?

Question: What are these crusts that form after a hair transplant? When does this happen and how long do they last for? Answer:  Crusts that form after a hair transplant procedure are common and can be expected for the first few days up to a week. Crusts are usually from small amounts of bleeding that occur during […]

Where are typical BOTOX results for men?

Question: I am a 50-year-old man from Virginia Beach and I’m interested in BOTOX because of my heavy wrinkles. I am apprehensive, however, because I think that the injections will make me look feminine. What are typical BOTOX results like for men? Answer:  Botox for men will be equally effective as women. Some men require […]