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If you are contemplating having a rhinoplasty (nose job), there are things you will need to address before committing to surgery. If you are going to correct a misshapen nose or you have a defect that does not allow you to breathe properly, you will need to understand how to prepare for surgery. Rhinoplasty surgeries […]

Treatment options for smoker’s wrinkles

Smoking is one of thechief causesof facial wrinkles. Although they often look more pronounced in women who smoke, men also have them and in either case they are not attractive. Stopping smoking after many years is often too late to help banish the wrinkles, though it can dramatically impact your health for the positive. Can […]


Ask a dozen different women in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach the secret to beautiful skin and you’ll get a dozen different answers: “I wash my facewith mild soap and water twice a day, that’s all I need to keep it looking good”; “I use a very expensive night cream and it nourishes my skin perfectly”; […]

Is it time for a facelift?

I still feel so young and I am able to do all the things I have always done… why would I need a facelift? We often start asking ourselves that question when middle age is either upon us or has deserted us. Yes, you feel young and capable, but have you noticed more wrinkles lately? […]

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

One of the most common facial features many people desire to change is the nose. Often times, individuals complain that the nose is either too big, too small, or too bumpy. I can think of two people in the last century who apparently loved their noses so much that they made millions of dollars talking […]

Eyelid Lift Surgery

Some people have a real problem with upper eyelid droopiness. In some cases, it might be hereditary; other times age or poor health habits are to blame. Whatever the cause, drooping and sagging eyelids are an unsightly and bothersome problem that many people have to face. But it’s not just the upper eyelids that cause […]