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Archive for September, 2014

Common Types of Skin Cancer

When you hear the phrase “skin cancer,” is your first thought melanoma? Melanoma might get most of the attention, because it is the most dangerous form of the cancer. But, it is far from the most common. Several others occur more frequently and should be just as much cause for concern. Some skin cancers are […]

A Quick Reference Guide to Your Filler Options

Why have surgery when you don’t need it yet? These days, non-surgical options, such as injectable fillers, are all the rage. They offer the benefits of surgery, such as making you look younger, without the long recovery time or high upfront cost. At this point, there are plenty of fillers available on the market. So […]

Questions to Ask Your Botox Injector

When it comes to non-surgical cosmetic treatments, such as Botox Cosmetic and other injections, there tends to be a persistent misunderstanding that “non-surgical” is the same as “non-medical.” While having an injection isn’t the same as having surgery, it isn’t something that just anyone can do. If you are thinking about Botox, you want to […]

Headed Back to School? Four Procedures to Perk You Up

You’re never too old to stop learning and the new school year is quickly approaching. For some who have kids, it has already arrived. Either way you may be thinking of having a cosmetic treatment or two to refresh your appearance or make you feel a bit better about the end of summer. While there […]