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Archive for January, 2012

Dr. Choe addresses how he fixes Botox Gone Wrong

Question: A friend of mine got Botox injections and she looks awful. The sides of her eyebrows are raised unnaturally high, sort of like the Joker from Batman. Why would this happen and how do you avoid it? Answer: There is a lot of misunderstanding about brow elevation with Botox. Patients need to understand that the immediate […]

Can injectable fillers fix my uneven lips?

Question: I have an uneven upper lip line that’s gotten worse with age. Would injectable fillers make it look more even? Answer: Yes. With age your lips thin. Fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane will even out your lips and give back its fullness.

Will a chemical peel fix the texture, pigment, and scarring issues I have?

Question: I’d like to get a smoother texture to my skin and also improve some pigmentation issues and acne scars. Does a chemical peel seem like a good choice for this? Answer: Chemical peels may help with pigment and texture issues, but are not a good choice for acne scars. For acne scars, dermabrasion or certain lasers will produce […]

Closed or Open Rhinoplasty for an ethnic nose job?

Question: I’m African American and I’d like to get a nose job. Is closed rhinoplasty an option for me or do African Americans typically need an open approach? Answer: It really depends on what you need. A small dorsal hump can be removed with a closed approach, but any work on the tip of the nose […]

Can I have a chemical peel with a cold sore?

Question: If I am prone to cold sores, would it be safe for me to have a chemical peel on my whole face, or should I just have spot treatment? Answer: Patients who are prone to cold sores may get them while healing from chemical peels and this can cause scars. The theory behind it is […]

Seeing results after Ulthera

Question: I’m interested in undergoing ultherapy at your Virginia Beach office. How long after treatment will I see results? Will there be any visible results right away? Answer: Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to stimulate your collagen to tone and lift your skin. This process takes anywhere from 3-6 months. Only some patients see results right away […]