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Archive for August, 2014

Five Things to Know About a Brow Lift

The area around your forehead, eyebrows and eyes is often the first to show signs of aging. While many people think of a facelift as the go-to anti-aging surgical procedure, a facelift does little to help the signs of aging in the forehead and brows. If your eyebrows are starting to droop and you have […]

Four Minimally Invasive Treatments for the First Signs of Aging

Those first few signs of aging can be the toughest to handle. You look in the mirror one day and see a laughing, youthful-looking twentysomething looking back. When you look in the mirror the next day, you see an older, wizened 30 year old, complete with laugh and frown lines. While the old argument went […]

Getting Started With Microdermabrasion

If someone told you that there is a treatment option that can help a variety of skin concerns with little discomfort and almost no recovery time, would you believe him or her? While microdermabrasion isn’t a miracle skin treatment and won’t help everyone, it can be a useful tool when it comes to repairing mild […]

Benefits of Ear Surgery at a Young Age

The great majority of plastic surgery procedures are reserved for people who are fully grown and in most instances, have started to show signs of aging. It doesn’t make sense to perform a facelift on a young child or teenager and it’s often ill-advised to perform rhinoplasty on a child who hasn’t finished growing. The […]