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Is it safe to have Botox at a medspa instead of at a plastic surgery center?

Question: My spa offers BOTOX treatments for half of the cost of the doctors here in Virginia. Why would going to a doctor’s office be a better option? Is it really worth the money? Answer: This is a very common question. It all comes down to the reputation and technique of the injector. Anyone can […]

Achieving a natural face lift result

Question: I would love to have a facelift at your Virginia Beach practice. I have been thinking about it daily. I want very natural looking results so that no one can tell that I have had a facelift. Will this be possible? I am 57 years old, and still have very youthful skin. Answer: Yes. […]

Ethnic rhinoplasty with natural results

Question: I’m African American and I’d love to get a nose job because I’ve never really liked how wide and flat my nose is, but I’m terrified of looking like so many black celebrities who have such obvious nose jobs. Is there any way to make sure that I get a natural result and not […]

Radiesse as a Non-Surgical Alternative

Question: Do you recommend Radiesse as an effective alternative to more invasive facial rejuvenation procedures? Answer: It depends. Radiesse is a calcium-based filler used to treat facial lines (i.e, smile lines) or hollow areas (i.e, cheeks). It is a type of filler used for volume enhancement. If you need volume then Radiesse will be beneficial.