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Archive for June, 2015

What Are Your Anesthesia Options?

One of the things that people tend to worry about when they are thinking about facial plastic surgery is the type of anesthesia that will be used or the potential risks of an anesthetic. While enduring surgery without any sort of anesthetic isn’t an option, people tend to get very concerned about the idea of […]

Is a Mini Facelift Ever Worth It?

When you first notice that your neck, cheeks and jowls aren’t as tight or youthful looking as they once were, it’s easy to panic and wonder what you can do about them. You might not have the time to set aside for a week or two of recovery after a full facelift. But, you might […]

A New Treatment Option for a Double Chin?

If you have a double chin, you’ve probably seen a lot of gimmicks and gadgets over the years that promise to remove or reduce your chin fat. Perhaps you’ve tried some of those gimmicks, from the chin wrap to chin exercises, but never got the results you had hoped for. While for years the best […]