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Archive for December, 2014

Care for Your Skin After a Laser Treatment

Laser skin resurfacing can seem like something from the future. A surgeon uses a laser light beam to improve the look of your skin, in some cases blasting away wrinkles, dark spots and other skin imperfections. While a laser treatment can make your skin look more youthful, the results aren’t necessarily permanent and don’t necessarily […]

Popular Body Contouring Myths

Many people have an area of their body they wish were a bit trimmer. You might want to have a flatter abdomen, for example, or slimmer thighs. While diet and exercise can help you shed extra weight and fat, they don’t always help get rid of stubborn areas of fat. If you have an area […]

Six Questions to Ask Before Your Surgery

When preparing for any type of facial plastic surgery, from a facelift to a rhinoplasty, it pays to ask a number of questions first. Asking questions is just part of doing your due diligence and can help you find the best surgeon for you. Before your procedure, there are a few people you should quiz: […]

Taking Care of Medications Before and After Surgery

Facial plastic surgery is usually an entirely elective procedure. You don’t need the surgery to save your life or to correct a serious medical issue, in most cases. Since you’re choosing to have the surgery for your own benefit, it’s often in your best interest to do what you can to make sure your body […]