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How to choose a chemical peel

Question: There seem to be so many different types of chemical peels. How do you choose the right one? Answer: The type of chemical peel really depends on many factors such as skin type, texture, and quality/damage. It also depends on oiliness of skin, whether there is active acne and other skin conditions. The best thing to […]

Fillers underneath the eyes

Question: Are fillers effective in treating hollows around the eyes? Answer: It depends. In addressing hollowness in the tear trough area, they can be very effective, as well as cheek/eye junctions. However, fillers should be used with extreme caution just under the eyes where the skin is very thin. You can have an unwanted ‘lumpy-bumpy’ appearance.

Treating jowl lines with Ultherapy

Question: Are non-invasive skin tightening procedure like ultherapy effective at all in treating jowls? Answer: It depends on skin type, thickness, quality, and severity of jowls. Ultherapy is not a replacement for lower facelift or neck lift. The results tend to be more subtle than surgical results.

Radiesse Filler for Youthful Hands

Question: Can fillers be used to plump up aged looking hands? Answer: Yes. Radiesse is a calcium based filler that is used for aged looking hands. Most patients need 1-2 syringes of Radiesseper hand and the result lasts just over a year. This is an off-label use of Radiesse.