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Archive for May, 2015

Safer Ways to Get Lips Like Kylie’s

Every so often, people become fascinated by a particular body part on a particular celebrity. From Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones in the movie Maleficent to Kim Kardashian’s “internet breaking” buttocks, people will flock to their plastic surgeons to see if they can get similar looking features. The latest celebrity to attract people’s attention is Kylie Jenner, […]

Is Revision Rhinoplasty Right for You?

You were really excited about the way your nose was going to look after your initial rhinoplasty. But a year later, you’re not happy with the results. Your nose might still be crooked or you might now be experiencing breathing problems as a result of the surgery. While the hope is that things will go […]

Persistent Myths About Anti-Aging Treatments

Even after all of these years, people are continuing to look for the fountain of youth, a magical solution to their aging concerns. The interest in a quick fix to the signs of aging might go a long way towards explaining why so many myths about anti-aging treatments persist. Facial plastic surgery and minimally invasive […]

Ways to Deal With Acne Scars

Whether you had acne as a teen or are still dealing with it as an adult, you’ve probably come to realize that your pimples can sting in two ways. First, they appear as unsightly red blemishes. Once those blemishes finally fade, they can leave behind scars, either in the form of depressions in the skin […]

Teens and Plastic Surgery

It’s not uncommon for teenagers to feel self-conscious about their looks. As your teen goes through puberty, he or she might experience a few unpleasant physical changes, from the occasional pimple and more severe forms of acne to arms and legs that feel too long or a nose that looks too large. While many teens […]