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Lips thinning with age

Question: I’m from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and as I’ve gotten older my lips have thinned. I don’t mind the thinning so much as the fact that they seem very asymmetrical. Can fillers be used to even them out? Answer:  Yes. Fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, or Belotero will work well to augment thin lips. As […]

Starting with Botox early

Question: If you use Botox at an early age, like when you’re wrinkles first begin appearing, will it keep them from getting worse? Answer:  This is a very interesting question that is often asked. The short answer is yes. However, Botox cannot completely relax 100% of the muscles on your face thus some wrinkles will […]

Revision hair transplant and scarring

Question: If you receive a second hair transplant, will you then have a second scar? Answer: Using the newer automated follicular unit extraction system, the donor site scar is not very perceptible at all. The technology involves using an extractor that is smaller than 1mm in diameter to harvest hair grafts under local anesthesia. Unlike the […]

Correcting upper lip wrinkles from smoking

Question: I used to be a smoker and have those little lines above my lips. Can these be improved with some type of injectable? Answer: Yes. Fillers such as Belotero or Juvederm can help upper lip vertical lines. For more permanent results, dermabrasion is also an excellent option. It’s a procedure where vertical lines/skin is gently sanded down using a […]

Senior with hollowed out facial features

Question: I am 59 years old and thin. This makes my face seem rather hollowed out, and I also think it makes me look older. Is there an injectable treatment that can fill in these hollowed areas? Answer: Yes. Fillers such as Juvederm or Belotero would work well for smile lines, marionette lines and tear trough areas. If significant […]

Rhinoplasty for a black woman

Question: I’m a black woman and I’d like to have surgery to improve my nose. I think the bridge could be narrowed a bit, but what I really dislike is the lower portion of my nose which is much too wide, including the nostrils. Where are the incisions made for this? I imagine that to […]