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Archive for August, 2013

Droopy Mouth Corners

Have you ever had somebody walk up to you and say, “Why are you angry?” Huh? you say. Naturally, you reach deep into your purse, crack open your compact, and come to a sudden realization. You’ve got droopy mouth corners. Don’t be too surprised or upset. Lots of people get them. It’s just one of […]

Dry Eyes and Eyelid Surgery

Dry, red, burning eyes are uncomfortable and they can even pose a possible health risk if not treated immediately. Dry eyes are one potential post-operative complication associated with blepharoplasty – specifically, lower eyelid surgery – where incisions are made in order to tighten the skin or remove excess fat or muscle. Plastic surgeons suspect lower […]

6 Things You Should Know When Considering Rhinoplasty

A lot of attention has been given to rhinoplasty lately since the “2013 Rhino-Popularity Report” was released from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS). The survey concludes that rhinoplasty has maintained its position as the “most popular” facial plastic surgery procedure for the third year in a row. Men find this […]

Palm Surgery

People in Japan have good reason to feel unlucky these days. Price inflation is out of control. The currency is weakening. And then there is the ongoing Fukushima Dachai nuclear power plant disaster that is threatening the health of millions. On a national level and on a personal level, people in Japan are suffering. Some […]

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Fails Self-Esteem

“To thyne own self be true,” Shakespeare once wrote. Truer words could not have been said, especially when it comes to body image. Self-esteem, it seems, is victory in the battle to become a better you – not in the image of somebody else. A recent study at Dartmouth College has found that rhinoplasty to […]