When the actress Renee Zellweger made one of her first public appearances in years recently, the internet went wild with speculation about her face. It looked very different, people said, from the way it had appeared in the movies she’s most well known for, such as Jerry Maguire and Bridget Jones’ Diary.

Although the wagging tongues at gossip magazines and websites speculated that she had had eyelid surgery or Botox, Zellweger herself denied having any work done. Instead, she claimed that her new look was thanks to changes in her lifestyle and a greater feeling of peace. While Zellweger is free to keep her decisions about plastic surgery to  herself, a few other celebrities have been more forthcoming about the surgeries or other treatments they’ve had done.

Courtney Cox

It’s been a long time since Courtney Cox played a twentysomething “friend” on TV. The actress is now known for her role as the eponymous “cougar” in the show Cougartown. Although she’s now nearing 50, the star still looks youthful. Her youthful looks might be in part due to the Botox injections she’s admitted to having.

Jennifer Aniston

Cox’s former co-star and friend, Jennifer Aniston is no stranger to plastic surgery, having had rhinoplasty. She’s also admitted to laser skin resurfacing to keep her skin looking youthful. But, one thing she has spoken out against is injections, including the ones her co-star has received. Backing up her decision not to get Botox is her current fiance, Justin Theroux, who would rather she not change her face in any way.

Michael Douglas

Male celebrities have plastic surgery, too. One of the more well known men in Hollywood to have surgery is Michael Douglas. The actor has admitted to having a facelift, way back in the year 2000, just before he married actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, who is some 30 years younger than he is.

Priscilla Presley

In some cases, a celebrity’s experience with plastic surgery can serve as a cautionary tale. Surgeons can’t stress enough the importance of doing your research before having a procedure and only working with a qualified, trained, board-certified facial plastic surgeon. Priscilla Presley saw a so-called “doctor” for facial injections in 2003.

The doctor, who wasn’t really a doctor, told Presley that the material he was injecting into her was a special drug that wasn’t yet FDA-approved and that he had had to smuggle it into the U.S. It turned out that the substance was actually industrial silicone. While Presley’s results weren’t as bad as some of the other victims, she did need corrective surgery to undo the damage done.

Jessica Simpson

Some stars, such as singer and designer Jessica Simpson, have tried out non-surgical options and decided they weren’t the right option. Simpson claims that she had Restylane injections but wasn’t happy with the way she looked afterwards. The singer has stated that she was thankful the injections wore off in just a few months.

Julia Roberts

While some celebrities will have plastic surgery and admit it, others, such as Julia Roberts, have spoken out against it or have made comments regarding their decisions not to have it. Most recently, Roberts stated that her decision not to have a facelift was a big risk for her career. The actress, who’s in her late forties, echoed Zellweger in some ways, by stating that uncluttering her life and practicing yoga has helped her find peace.

Keira Knightley

Of course, for every celebrity who’s against surgery, there’s another one who takes a more live and let live approach. Although  many would argue that at 29, she’s still a bit young for most procedures, the actress Keira Knightley has said that she would never judge or condemn another woman for having surgery or another procedure performed. It might be too soon for her to say one way or the other, but Knightley stated that she doesn’t plan to have surgery at a future date, but can’t say for sure.

Although celebrities might move in different circles than the rest of us, when it comes to the decision to have plastic surgery or not, they actually have a lot in common with the average person. Whether you’re famous or not, deciding on surgery is a personal choice, and it’s up to you to share it with others or not.

Finding a board certified and experienced facial plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Kyle Choe in the Virginia Beach area, is important whether you’re an average person or a famous star. Before you jump into a procedure, get to know more about it and about the surgeon performing it. Learn more by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Choe. Call 757.389.5850 today.