It’s common to let fear prevent us from getting what we want – we’re human, after all. In fact, since fear is all too common, here is a breakdown of how easy and harmless a chin augmentation can be:

Worry #1: I Won’t Be Approved For Surgery

If your chin is out of balance with the rest of your face and neck, it’s worth making a consultation. It’s as simple as that. That’s why people who want rhinoplasty surgery oftentimes end up getting chin augmentation, too. It’s all about obtaining facial symmetry. Maybe your chin has not always been the perfect fit. Or maybe your chin haschanged as you’ve gotten older — because as we get older, definition is lost in the lower face and neck area.

Worry #2: A Rhinoplasty Might Be Enough

A rhinoplasty alone may not achieve your desired results. For instance, if your nose is reduced, but your untouched chin recedes too far, then your nose can still appear too large for your face. So while getting a rhinoplasty, you may also need a chin implant done to achieve facial harmony.

Worry #3: The Surgery Will Be Too Long

A chin implant only takes about 30 minutes.

Worry #4: I’ll Be Awake During Surgery

Absolutely not.An IV solution sedation and a local anesthetic will be used, and you’ll be asleep and completely comfortable during the procedure.

Worry #5: Recovery Will Be Painful

As with all procedures, there will be some discomfort – and there’s no way to get around that. But the pain is usually minimal and with each passing day, it lessens. Pain medication will be used to manage the pain, and within two to three days, you can switch to Tylenol.

Worry #6: I’ll Have to Take Too Much Time Off Work

You’ll only need to take a week off from work. Patients normally return to work one week following the procedure. (But if you plan on combining procedures, then plan for taking one to three weeks off.)

Worry #7: I’ll Be On Some Weird Liquid Diet

You’ll be able to eat as soon as it’s comfortable for you to do so. Usually there will be a dull ache that’s managed well with pain medication. As mentioned earlier, after two to three days, Tylenol will be effective in managing the pain.

Worry #8: I’ll Have Noticeable Scars

Nope. The tiny incisions are made just under chin or inside the mouth. These incisions heal very well and become unnoticeable within a few short weeks.

Worry #9: It’ll Take Too Long to Look “Normal” Again

Nope, again. Although it will take a few months to completely heal, in about two weeks the swelling will diminish. There will also be some bruising, but Vitamin C and Arnica will help minimize this and help speed up the recovery. Arnica is a natural herb that helps to prevent bruising, and you can take Vitamin C to help the body recover quicker.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kyle Choe, a facial plastic surgeon nestled in Virginia Beach, call 757.389.5850. Remember, the most important thing to do is to make the consultation. Prices for this procedure range typically from $3,000 to $4,500 (which includes anesthesia).