Cosmetic procedures, from full surgeries such as rhinoplasty and facelifts to less invasive procedures such as Botox, are more common today than decades ago. Unfortunately, some people still haven’t gotten the memo that it’s not exactly polite to ask a person if he or she has had work done. People, particularly strangers, who ask about your surgeries, can be annoying and are right up there with the people who insist on touching a pregnant woman’s stomach when it comes to being invasive.

But, while others might have left their manners at home, there are ways you can handle intrusive questions about any procedures you may (or may not) have had done with grace and elegance.

Questions From Friends or Relatives

The way you respond to nosy questions about your plastic surgery from friends or family members is slightly different than the way you’d respond to questions from strangers. You can’t just brush off your relatives or friends without causing some relationship damage. But, if you didn’t tell the person about your surgery before, you aren’t obligated to tell him or her now. Instead, turn a somewhat rude question into a compliment by saying, “Thanks, I’m glad to hear you think I look good,” then leave it at that.

Questions From Strangers

You can be a bit more abrupt with people you don’t know, since you don’t know them and they’ve invaded a personal area. Your response depends on the type of question the person asks. If someone asks who your surgeon is or where you get your injectables, you can just shrug and look at the person blankly, then either change the subject or move away.

How Much You Share is Up to You

Remember that how much you want to reveal about your surgery is completely up to you. Some people are more open about discussing their surgical choices than others. Don’t feel pressured into talking about it because someone keeps asking you questions or keeps bringing it up. If the persistent person is someone you know but aren’t very close to, you can have a friend or relative you are close to speak to that person and ask him or her to stop questioning you.

Dealing with Negativity

Sometimes, people leave their manners at home and say downright mean, rude or negative things to people who have had surgery. If someone makes a face when you tell him or her that you’ve had a facelift or other procedure, the best course of action is to simply say something along the lines of “you might not think it is a good idea, but I am happy with my decision.”

While it might seem to cross the line, some people might ask if they can touch the area where you’ve had surgery, such as your nose after a rhinoplasty. Fortunately, the surgery itself gives you an excuse to say no if you aren’t comfortable with that question. You don’t want someone to knock your nose or put pressure on the area, so you can politely explain to him or her that the surgeon has said the area shouldn’t be touched. Then, keep your distance from that person, so that he or she doesn’t ask again.

Responding to Compliments

Most people would like some recognition after surgery or after a minimally invasive procedure. Luckily, there are plenty of people out there who still have manners. Instead of asking who your surgeon was or if you’ve had a surgery, these people might simply tell you that you look great or more refreshed.

The easiest way to respond to a polite, non-intrusive compliment is to simply say “thanks.” You don’t have to explain the reason why you look a bit better, unless you absolutely feel comfortable doing so.

If you are considering any sort of procedure, surgical or not, it’s essential that you sit down with a plastic surgeon first to learn more about it and what you can expect. In the Virginia Beach area, contact Dr. Kyle Choe, a board certified facial plastic surgeon, for a consultation. Call his office at 757.389.5850 to schedule an appointment today.