How does Botox differ from other injectable fillers?

This is a very common question and one that is often misunderstood by many patients. Botox is for dynamic lines or lines caused by muscle movement. It is most commonly used in the upper one third of the face (i.e., forehead, glabella, crows feet) to relax the dynamic lines. It comes in a powder form, which must be diluted with saline prior to the injection. It takes 3-4 days to work and the result may last up to 3-4 months. Injectable fillers, on the other hand, are for resting lines or lines you can see on facial rest (i.e., smile lines, marionette lines) and for lips. It is injected to add volume so the lines are less deep. It comes in a sterile syringe already packaged. The result is immediate and can last up to 1 year or more.