I have very fine lines in my forehead. My girlfriend recently told me about Botox and I was wondering how it differed in terms of results from a forehead lift.

Your forehead is composed of several different muscle groups. Botox is used to relax these muscles. When Botox is injected with small needle into these muscles, it temporarily relaxes them. This translates into smoother looking forehead since most of the forehead lines are motion or dynamic lines from muscle movement. There will still be some fine lines that have been ‘etched’ on to your skin from years of repetitive motion. These may persist. A forehead lift on the other hand is a surgical procedure where the entire skin and muscle is lifted off the bone and repositioned (usually higher) to achieve a more youthful look. I use an endoscopic forehead lift technique to lessen scar formation and numbness. I do not advocate a forehead lift for fine lines on the forehead. You will continue to have fine lines despite a forehead lift since the motion of lifting your brow will continue to exist once you have healed from the surgery. For fine lines on the forehead, Botox is a good start. I would also recommend skin care and products (i.e., Retin-A) and adding skin resurfacing technique such as LASER to further improve the appearance.