You were really excited about the way your nose was going to look after your initial rhinoplasty. But a year later, you’re not happy with the results. Your nose might still be crooked or you might now be experiencing breathing problems as a result of the surgery. While the hope is that things will go well during and after a primary rhinoplasty, that’s not always the case.

Your dissatisfaction can be due to a number of things, from a lack of skill on the part of your surgeon to an issue that happened while the nose was healing. It could also be that something happened to your nose well after your first surgery. For example, you could have been injured it in an accident or while you were playing sports. No matter the reason, you are unhappy. One option you might consider is a revision procedure.

Revision rhinoplasty isn’t the right choice for everyone, so speaking with a facial plastic surgeon can help you decide if the procedure is a good option for you.

Your Health Is Pretty Good

Just as you should have been in pretty good health before your first rhinoplasty, it’s important to be in good health before a revision procedure. Some conditions can increase your risks for complications after the surgery, as can taking certain medicines. For example, if you regularly take medications that thin the blood, your surgeon may recommend postponing the procedure until you are off of the medicines or avoiding them for at least two weeks before surgery, if possible.

Along with being in general good health, you’ll need to give up or avoid certain unhealthy habits. If you smoke, you’ll be asked to stop at least two weeks before your revision surgery. You might also want to take the time to improve your diet, if needed, and to try to eat more whole foods that processed snacks.

It’s Been Some Time Since Your First Surgery

In the first few weeks or even months after your rhinoplasty, you might feel a little let down about the way your nose looks. Bruising under the eyes can make you feel unattractive while any swelling can make your nose look larger than it really is. It can take some time for that swelling to diminish enough and for you to see the full results of your surgery. Usually, it’s recommended that you wait about a year after your first surgery before deciding to have a revision procedure. Waiting a full year will give your nose time to fully heal and the swelling time to completely vanish.

You Understand What the Surgery Can and Can’t Do

Having realistic expectations about a revision procedure is just as important as having realistic expectations about your initial surgery. For example, it’s important to understand that a revision rhinoplasty can improve the appearance of your nose, but that it won’t transform you into a celebrity or make you a completely new person. It’s also important to remember that your nose needs time to heal again after the surgery.

Another thing to think about when considering a revision rhinoplasty is whether or not your nose is able to handle the surgery. The amount of scar tissue you have after the first procedure might make a revision difficult if not impossible for a surgeon to perform. If a considerable amount of your nasal tissue was removed during the first surgery, it might be challenging for the surgeon to correct the nose during a revision.

You Have Time to Devote to Recovery

One thing that a primary rhinoplasty and a revision procedure share in common is the amount of time you’ll need to devote to recovery afterwards. Just as you had to take about a week off from your job after your first surgery, you’ll want to take about a week off after a revision surgery. You’ll also want to avoid anything particularly strenuous for at least three or four weeks after the surgery, to avoid accidentally jostling or bumping the still healing nose and to avoid raising your blood pressure and making bruising or swelling worse.

Not every surgeon who performs rhinoplasty also performs revision procedures, so it is important to find one who does. In the Virginia Beach area, Dr. Kyle Choe is a board certified facial plastic surgeon who performs both primary and revision rhinoplasty procedures. If you aren’t happy with the results of your first surgery, contact Dr. Choe’s office for a consultation today by calling 757.389.5850.