Age makes the skin less elastic and causes the formation of moderate and harsh lines and wrinkles. People often feel self-conscious about these signs of aging. To address these issues, dermal-filler treatments are recommended.

One of the most popular dermal fillers is Juvederm. Every year, numerous people undergo Juvederm treatments and experience desirable outcomes almost immediately after the procedure.

What Is Juvederm?

Juvederm is a line of FDA-approved cosmetic injectable dermal fillers. These are injected underneath the skin to create new volume, which removes lines and wrinkles, making the contours of the face smooth again.

The filler comes in the form of a hyaluronic-acid-based gel. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the human body, where it attracts water molecules for skin volume and hydration.

Your Juvederm Options

The Juvederm line of products features several fillers, each preferred for a specific use. Types of Juvederm available include:
Juvederm XC: This is used to treat moderate and harsh lines and wrinkles and to augment the lips.

Juvederm Voluma: This filler is used to address gaunt cheeks by adding volume beneath the skin.

Juvederm Vollure: Juvederm Vollure fills in harsh wrinkles like marionette lines, the nasolabial folds, and parentheses lines by restoring volume to the skin.

Juvederm Volbella: This filler option enhances the lips for a fuller appearance. It also treats lipstick lines around the lips.

Your Consultation

Despite all the research available online and the simplicity of the procedure, the best way to find out more about Juvederm is with a consultation. Your doctor will be able to answer your questions, examine your skin, and talk to you about your expectations and goals. Make sure to mention any allergies you may have.

The treatment can possibly be conducted on the same day as the consultation, provided that:
• You haven’t taken any St. John’s wort or any blood-thinning medications like aspirin or ibuprofen.
• You do not have any skin sensitivities or allergies.
• You have not consumed alcohol or smoked anything for weeks before the Juvederm treatment.

The Treatment Procedure

The Juvederm procedure takes about 15 to 30 minutes to complete. During this process, precise injections are delivered into the targeted regions of the face. Each injection may need to be administered at different depths under the skin and at different areas of the face.

The presence of lidocaine (a local anesthetic) in the Juvederm injections helps numb the region to any pain or discomfort during the procedure.

No recovery time is usually needed, but for 24 hours, patients are advised to avoid makeup application, prolonged sun exposure, strenuous activities, and consumption of alcohol. A degree of temporary redness, itching, or tenderness may be present. Work and other activities that are not physically taxing can be resumed immediately.

The benefits of Juvederm treatment will last for several months or even years depending on the type of Juvederm used and several other factors.

Learn More About Juvederm

With the help of Dr. Kyle Choe, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, you can find out more about what type of Juvederm filler is right for you. Get started today – schedule a consultation by contacting our office.