After having a blepharoplasty it is very important to follow the surgeon’s instructions to the letter. In a week you may feel that all has healed and there is just some bruising which will soon disappear. Why not try to camouflage those bruises with makeup? This can be a good idea, but remember that only your surgeon knows when you have healed enough to try some makeup around the eye area so be sure to ask your doctor.

Natural Makeup Products

Many cosmetic companies are announcing that their products are 100% natural, with no irritants or impure ingredients. However, we can never be sure if that is the case. If you have been using a certain brand of makeup for years and have found it to be effective and non-irritating, you should start with that

While bruising and swelling are temporary, they may still be with you, in diminishing shades, for a few weeks. In the meantime you will want to look your best, so continue with your usual moisturizer and foundation and maybe even a little blush. This will perk up the skin and help to lift your spirits too.

Bruising will be the last to go, so if your doctor agrees you can cover it lightly with a mild face cream to aid with makeup application. The next step is to determine the color of the bruises. If they are reddish, use a green liquid concealer. If they are bluish or purple, the color of the concealer should be   yellow. These tints help to offset the colors of the bruises.

Applying Eye Makeup

When applying makeup to the eye, less is the way to go. And always use a light touch. The next thing you should do is apply a thin base coat of foundation which is the color of your skin. If your doctor approves, you can use a dash of eye shadow to try to camouflage the area even more. But don’t overdo the eye shadow. Mascara can be applied later.

Applying and removing eye makeup must be done very gently. Never pull the eyelids when using makeup, and choose carefully when purchasing a shadow. If this is not enough camouflage in the healing stages, use sunglasses for a while.

Always talk to your surgeon before you do anything with eye makeup. Too much too soon can hamper your recovery and jeopardize your result. For more information about eyelid surgery, contact renowned facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kyle Choe of The Choe Center For Facial Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach, Virginia, at 757.389.5850.