Every so often, people become fascinated by a particular body part on a particular celebrity. From Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones in the movie Maleficent to Kim Kardashian’s “internet breaking” buttocks, people will flock to their plastic surgeons to see if they can get similar looking features. The latest celebrity to attract people’s attention is Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s younger sister. While Kim is known for her backside, Kylie has become known for her plump lips.

The plastic surgery rumor mill has been spinning when it comes to the seeming larger size of Kylie’s pout. Eventually, she admitted to having lip injections. Subsequently, some teenagers have started to try to enlarge their own lips using unsafe methods. Recently, the hashtag “KylieJennerChallenge” started trending on social media sites.

Teens doing the “challenge” are trying to augment their lips by placing a shot glass (or similarly sized cup) over their mouths. They suck on the cup for a few seconds, creating suction, then pull it off, revealing enlarged, puffy lips. While the temporary results are very dramatic looking, the DIY is definitely not safe.

The teens doing the “challenge” are essentially giving themselves a hickey around the mouth, and potentially damaging their lips permanently. The bruise that appears is the least of a person’s worries. There’s the risk the glass will break during the “challenge” as well as the risk of infection or of triggering a flare-up of cold sores. Repeatedly doing the “trick” can cause permanent scarring, too.

While most teenagers who want a fuller looking pout are better off perfecting their makeup skills and using liner and lipstick to make their mouths look fuller, if you’ve begun to lose volume in the lip area as a result of getting older, there are a few ways you can safely enhance your lips, no shot glass needed.


Lip injections have come a long way in recent years. In many cases, a facial plastic surgeon will use a filler containing hyaluronic acid to add volume to the lips. Options include Juvederm and Belotero. Lip injections can be a good option for people who are unsure if they will like the results they get and for people who are looking for a minimally invasive option. The injections don’t take long to perform and cause little discomfort. Usually, results last for at least six months and the treatment can be repeated to maintain the results. If you have the injections and decide that you dislike the results, your surgeon might inject an enzyme that dissolves the hyaluronic acid, returning your lips to their initial size.

As with any plastic surgery or minimally invasive procedure, it’s important to choose a facial plastic surgeon with experience using fillers in the lip area. An experienced surgeon will be able to volumize the lips without going overboard and will be able to create a balanced, natural look.

Lip Augmentation Surgery

Lip augmentation surgery is another option if you want to get fuller lips. Surgery is a more involved option than injections, but the results last for a longer amount of time, usually several years, rather than several months. After lip augmentation surgery, you can expect to take up to 10 days off from work and give yourself time to recover. Bruising and swelling are common and can take a few weeks to diminish.

There are various methods of surgically enhancing the lips, such as adding implants. Dr. Kyle Choe uses the V-Y surgery method. Instead of adding volume with an implant, the V-Y method adjusts the lip’s position. The lips are advanced so that parts of the lip that were once inside the mouth are visible on the outside, creating a fuller look. The V-Y procedure also lifts the corners of the mouth, turning a frown upside down.

If thin lips are bothering you, Dr. Kyle Choe, a facial plastic surgeon near Virginia Beach, can help you explore safe, long-lasting options. Remember, when it comes to safety and changing your appearance, it’s best to avoid anything DIY. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Choe, call 757.389.5850 today.