No lazy days of summer for Ulthera!

In the last two months alone, Ultherapy® has been in SEVEN magazines, rerun on Dr. Oz, and featured on Extra and E!News. Physician locator traffic in July was nearly double the previous 3-month average. These mentions in such high profile magazines, following feature coverage earlier in the year, suggest Ultherapy is indeed now part of the ongoing conversation. We continue, however, to actively pursue deeper and broader publicity for the procedure with the help of our PR firm, named Consumer PR Agency of 2010—and our happy customers! If you haven’t already seen or “liked” us on Facebook we hope you’ll do so. We are posting our most recent news and other engaging beauty topics there, and invite you to weigh in with posts as well. Next month we will be running a Facebook-based contest designed to provide even more visibility for Ultherapy (and Ultherapy practices) and will update you on contest particulars soon. In the meantime, visuals and excerpts from all of our national publicity to date* will be accessible via your Ulthera portal by Wednesday August 31. *(excluding Dr. Oz as the show’s lawyers have requested we refrain from promoting his name, image or show)