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Ulthera for sagging facial features

Question: Can ultherapy improve sagging cheeks? I’m in Norfolk, VA and looking for a procedure to make me look younger. Answer:  Ulthera uses ultrasound energy to stimulate your own collagen to firm and lift your skin. It is not a replacement for surgery and patients should expect mild to modest improvements. It can help with […]

Botox to alleviate TMJ

Question: Can receiving Botox injections reduce jaw pain from TMJ? Answer: Botox is a great alternative for patients suffering from jaw pain due to TMJ or teeth grinding at night. Botox works by relaxing two specific muscle groups that are primarily responsible for teeth grinding at night. Patients feel the effect within 4-5 days and […]

Ultherapy vs Thermage for skin tightening

Question: What does ultherapy do? Is it a skin tightening procedure like thermage? Answer:  Ultherapy is very different than thermage. It uses ultrasound energy and not radiofrequency. The ultrasound energy stimulates collagen production to lift and tone your skin. It is not meant to replace surgery nor will it give surgical results. It is for […]

Using fillers to improve the mid and lower face

Question: I’m in my early 50s, from Chesapeake, and I’m looking to improve my mid and lower face. I’ve got some depressions along my chin, and my cheeks have thinned. A facelift seems extreme so are there any fillers that would work for me? Answer:  Facelift addresses sagging tissues and excess skin. No amount of […]

Exercising after a hair transplant

Question: I’m an avid runner, and try to run several miles every day. How soon after my hair transplant can I return to my normal routine? Is there any concern to being too active too soon? Answer:  Most patients can do light walking even 2-3 days after the procedure. More aerobic exercise requires 7-10 days […]

Injectables for lifting the cheek corner

Question: Can any fillers be used to lift the cheeks at the corners? Answer:  Yes. Fillers such as Radiesse and Juvederm are excellent non-surgical options to improved contours to your cheeks and other parts of the face. The results are immediate and require no down time.

Sun exposure after a skin peel

Question: Will I need to stay out of the sun during my chemical peel treatment? Answer:  Yes. It is important that for 1-2 weeks before treatment and 2-3 weeks after treatment that you avoid the sun. The deeper the chemical peel the higher risks of hyperpigmentation that can occur after peel or laser procedures.

Lips thinning with age

Question: I’m from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and as I’ve gotten older my lips have thinned. I don’t mind the thinning so much as the fact that they seem very asymmetrical. Can fillers be used to even them out? Answer:  Yes. Fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, or Belotero will work well to augment thin lips. As […]

Starting with Botox early

Question: If you use Botox at an early age, like when you’re wrinkles first begin appearing, will it keep them from getting worse? Answer:  This is a very interesting question that is often asked. The short answer is yes. However, Botox cannot completely relax 100% of the muscles on your face thus some wrinkles will […]

Revision hair transplant and scarring

Question: If you receive a second hair transplant, will you then have a second scar? Answer: Using the newer automated follicular unit extraction system, the donor site scar is not very perceptible at all. The technology involves using an extractor that is smaller than 1mm in diameter to harvest hair grafts under local anesthesia. Unlike the […]