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The Importance of Vetting Your Plastic Surgeon

Caveat Emptor isn’t just a high-sounding cautionary term used by lawyers or Latin students. It literally means “Let the Buyer Beware.” Is it any different when shopping for a qualified plastic surgeon? Because of the many risks associated with certain types of complicated plastic surgery procedures, signing on with the wrong physician could spell serious […]

Illegal Silicone Injections

In October 2011, a 30-year-old Detroit woman who had been injected with silicone at an illegal “pumping party” was admitted to the hospital coughing up blood. Doctors found that the silicone had traveled to her lungs and clotted in her breathing tubes. In another illegal cosmetic procedure gone awry, a 37-year-old Mississippi woman died last […]

Understanding the Dangers of Herbal Supplements & Cosmetic Surgery

We live in fearful times: fear of global war or economic collapse; fear of big business and big government; fear of big pharmaceutical companies and the drugs they manufacture. A mini-revolution of sorts is taking place in which widespread fear has morphed into consumer action. Fearing the potential toxicity and side-effects of prescription drugs has […]

Skin Care Tips for After Your Facelift

No matter how natural the result of your facelift is, undergoing cosmetic surgery is not a “natural” occurrence for your skin. In fact, it can be somewhat traumatic. Your facial plastic surgeon will tell you that the first few days after surgery are key to achieving optimal results. It’s up to you to follow your […]

The Dangers of Non-Specialists in Cosmetic Surgery

Would you trust the neighborhood plumber or an electrician to perform a complicated facelift procedure on you? Of course not! Then why would you trust your family practice doctor or your dentist to inject your face full of Botox to get rid of eye wrinkles? The results could be unfavorable or worse. Unfortunately, in ever […]

Casting Out the Crow’s Feet

People tend to assume that as we get older those worrisome wrinkles around the eyes are to be expected. It’s true that time is the great thief of youth and beauty, and one of the first signs of age are eye wrinkles, more unflatteringly known as “crow’s feet”. It didn’t take a flock of crows […]

Camouflaging the Side Effects of Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Facial cosmetic surgery can leave some pretty noticeable effects in the form of scarring, bruising, and excessive swelling around incision points. Because nobody in the middle of recovery from rhinoplasty or a facelift wants to look like they’ve just stepped out of the boxing ring, there are many post-surgery makeup products designed with you in […]

Real Men Do Get Facelifts

Once there was a time when real men didn’t get facelifts. Wrinkles on a man back then were a sign of male character. Men with true grit had leathery, sun-damaged cheeks and foreheads, and matching saddlebag necks in some cases. Men like John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart and Slim Pickens. Not anymore. Medical studies show that […]

Makeup tips for after Eyelid Surgery

After having a blepharoplasty it is very important to follow the surgeon’s instructions to the letter. In a week you may feel that all has healed and there is just some bruising which will soon disappear. Why not try to camouflage those bruises with makeup? This can be a good idea, but remember that only […]


We are constantly being bombarded with glamorous pictures of film and TV stars who look fabulous no matter where they are. On the beach, at a film première, or at a nightclub, these women are always in the spotlight. And the largest group of people who see these pictures and want to look the same […]