Ask a dozen different women in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach the secret to beautiful skin and you’ll get a dozen different answers: “I wash my facewith mild soap and water twice a day, that’s all I need to keep it looking good”; “I use a very expensive night cream and it nourishes my skin perfectly”; I have a facial every three months to keep my skin healthy and young-looking.” All of these things are fine, but as we age we may need more than a simple cleanser or even an expensive moisturizer to keep the skin looking young and healthy. We need to take care of our skin in a way that will slow down the aging and help to keep us looking good.

Anti-Aging Therapies
Your face is exposed to the elements every minute of every day. Harsh sun in the Virginia summer, combined with air-conditioning, make your skin work overtime to keep its healthy glow. Winter’s freezing temperatures can do harm to your skin and all the creams in the world cannot prevent that. You need a daily skin management regime and state-of-the-art professional treatments to combat the weather and its effects on your skin.

Injectable Fillers
There are many proven treatments approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and the superior clinics will opt for medical-grade pharmaceutical fillers. One of the first things you should do is take a close look in the mirror and decide if you are a candidate for injectables or fillers. Do you have facial lines or wrinkles, areas of diminished volume, or other skin imperfections? If you feel that you need help in keeping your skin young-looking, then be sure to find a highly qualified facial plastic surgeon.  Injectables are best administered by a board-certified physician.

All Natural Skin Care System
Dr. Choe has created an all-natural skin care serum comprising fruit acids, wholesome nuts and myrrh. This serum gives your skin the necessary anti-oxidants that will be of great benefit while you sleep. It can also be combined with other medical-grade anti-oxidants. It is called Renuvare, and is the product of intensive research into the problem of aging skin. Dr. Choe believes that good skin care is the first line of defense against aging.

Finding the Right Surgeon
For more information about anti-aging skin care, please call The Choe Center at 757.389.5850.