We all like to look our best at all times. For a festive evening we put on our finest clothes and use the best make-up we can find. This works for a while but if there is an underlying problem, such as drooping eyelids or hollow cheek bones, make-up can do only so much. Self-confidence can allow you to enjoy yourself and others, and feeling confident about your appearance may be an important part of that.

If you or a loved one has the problem of hollow cheeks, the face can appear unbalanced. Hollow cheeks exaggerate the size of the nose and jaw, putting the face into more of an unnatural, unbalanced look. They can also affect the eyes, making them appear to be much smaller and sunken. The result is a constant look of tiredness and aging of the face.

A cheek augmentation may be combined with other procedures if they are necessary, thus saving the patient two separate surgeries. The cheek surgery will result in correction of the tired look from hollowed cheeks, and will help to balance out the nose, jaw and other facial features. The eyes will be highlighted, the smile will be accentuated and the overall appearance greatly improved, allowing the patient to be pleased with the more youthful and pleasant appearance after the surgery.

Cheek augmentation surgery can redefine the face and give it a more youthful, balanced appearance. The surgery is safe and effective and will help to erase the former signs of aging, if done by a competent surgeon. Dr. Kyle Choe is nationally-known for his expertise in the area of cosmetic and facial plastic surgery, and has a remarkable record of successful surgeries. He can remove the signs of tiredness and provide you with the lovely, balanced face that you have always dreamed about.

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