What to give that special someone this holiday season? A sweater? Jewelry? Or how about a nose job? It’s not that uncommon, really. People have been giving the gift of a facelift, liposuction, and tummy tuck for years. So, why not rhinoplasty?

Without a doubt, presenting a beloved friend or family member with the gift of plastic surgery requires tact. You don’t want to just spring it on him or her at a holiday party, especially if the unwitting recipient thinks his or her nose is fine the way it is.

Before making the commitment to purchase cosmetic nose surgery as a holiday gift, make sure that the person receiving the gift wants the procedure to correct a nasal flaw. Nothing says insult like unwanted cosmetic surgery from a friend or relative. Since rhinoplasty is one of the most demanding procedures in cosmetic surgery, make sure you and the recipient of your gift have discussed it at length beforehand. Don’t just go out and start shopping for a surgeon without the other party’s knowledge and consent. He or she should also meet in consultation with the surgeon even before you are ready to exchange holiday gifts.

Decisions, Decisions

Your generous gift of rhinoplasty requires thoughtful consideration, planning, and sound judgment. Perhaps the person you’ve chosen to receive your gift always planned on having a nose job but just couldn’t afford it. You’ve decided to open your heart – and your wallet – and make that person’s dream come true. He or she should feel comfortable with your decision, and you must be sure that you truly know the recipient’s feelings and desires. It’s not about your feelings and desires, remember.

No Surprises

By now, all of the guesswork and potential for miscommunication should now be worked out between you and the receiver of your gift. It basically comes down to a matter of trust – that together you have made the right choice of surgeon and the right surgical procedure. The receiver should have been made well aware of what to do in terms of preparing for surgery, and what to expect from the actual procedure and the recovery to follow. Rhinoplasty involves pain and bruising, so the receiver should be fully prepared for that.

A Good (Nose) Job

Rhinoplasty is not your traditional holiday gift but, given its cost and benefits, it is a wonderful gift for the person who really wants the procedure but is short on funds. What better way to resolve to help improve another’s appearance and self-confidence in 2014 by giving the gift of a surgical nose makeover?

Contact a board certified facial plastic surgeon to find out if cosmetic nose surgery is right for your loved one this holiday season.