Phenol peels are the perfect solution to help people rejuvenate their facial skin. Unlike other chemical peels, a phenol peel is a deep layer peel that reboots both the epidermis and dermis. This is ideal for patients with deep acne scars, significantly aging skin, and overly coarse wrinkles.

This deep-layer chemical peel is also ideal for patients who have a fair to light skin tone. These individuals want to see significant changes in their skin and are committed to the weeks-long recovery time to see this procedure through. This cosmetic procedure will work to reduce scarring and sun damage from the deep layers of the skin.

Common Questions About Phenol Peel Candidacy

When it comes to your suitability for skin resurfacing, first speak with an experienced cosmetic surgeon such as Dr. Choe. He will be able to make a recommendation of whether or not a chemical peel, especially a phenol peel, is right for you. Below, we’re going to go over some of the most common questions about phenol peel candidacy to help you get a good idea of whether or not it’s the right procedure for you.

Can I Get a Phenol Peel If I Have a Dark Complexion?

If you have a dark complexion, then it’s not recommended that you get a phenol peel. This type of chemical peel penetrates deep into the dermis, it has been known to cause hypopigmentation. This lightens the skin, which can be highly undesirable for those with a dark complexion.

Can I Get This Peel If I Have a Heart Condition?

Those who suffer from heart disease or a heart-related condition shouldn’t undergo this deep layer of chemical peel. The phenol chemical that is used to penetrate the skin has been shown to negatively affect those who already have a heart condition. This is because this chemical penetrates so deeply into the skin that it reaches the vascular layer.

What is the Procedure Like?

If you decide that a phenol peel is the right treatment for you, then you’ll want to prepare yourself for the treatment. Since this chemical peel penetrates so deeply into the skin, you’ll need to be put under general anesthesia throughout the entire procedure.

Dr. Choe will apply the phenol solution evenly to your facial skin. After letting it sit for a while, the solution will be neutralized and completely removed. Next, a very thick ointment will be applied to the entire treatment site to ensure it stays moisturized. The entire procedure will last anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours.

Recovery Time

The phenol peel can irritate the skin. Patients can expect to have redness, stinging, crusting, swelling, and skin flaking throughout their recovery period. In most cases, patients will experience a frosting of their skin for the first few days following the surgery.

Your skin will peel for at least a few days post-op, and you’ll need to properly apply moisturizer. The majority of symptoms will subside after two to three weeks. Most patients will be able to resume their normal activities two weeks after their treatment. However, you need to avoid sunlight for multiple weeks following your treatment.

Expected Results

Expectations after phenol peel should include glowing, tighter, and smoother skin within two to three short weeks. You can expect your wrinkles, scars, and sun damage to be diminished. As your collagen fiber network is rebooted thanks to this deep-layer peel, you’ll be able to enjoy its effects for many years to come.

Revitalize Your Skin Today

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