There actually may be several plastic surgeons these days as an increasing number do, in fact, make house calls. Some even offer a service described as a “virtual house call.” It’s the next best thing to a private, face-to-face consultation.

Time was when most doctors made house calls. These were typically your family care practitioners. But as medical care became more costly, complex, and time-consuming, most doctors abandoned the practice to free up more time to book more patients.

Many plastic surgeons are now finding that the traditional house call has its merits. The patient feels more at ease when in familiar surroundings. The doctor also gets to practice medicine on a more personal level.

In-Home Injectables and Online Consults

One Mexican cosmetic surgeon makes post-operative hotel visits for his patients on “medical vacations” to make one final status check before the patient leaves the country for home.

A fairly new service is the online house call in which a plastic surgeon or panel of them fields questions from prospective patients. The patient is allowed to upload medical information and photographs to the surgeon(s) for review. Consultations may be done via Skype, telephone, or e-mail. Doctors claim the online environment make the patient more comfortable.

Even more convenient, some companies now offer Botox injection services in the privacy and comfort of the home. A plastic surgeon or qualified nurse performs this non-invasive procedure.

The Realities of Modern House Calls

While on the surface of things the traditional house call sounds like a win-win, there are risks to be considered. The home setting, for example, may be substandard in terms of sterility and cleanliness. What’s more, some plastic surgeons may not be comfortable in the home environment.

Yes, it’s convenient when the doctor make house calls. But a good bedside manner and a bagful of injectables is no substitute for the real deal of a modern clinical setting.

Finding a qualified plastic surgeon takes time and homework.  Due diligence always pays off in the long run.

Dr. Kyle S. Choe is a board certified facial plastic surgeon located in Virginia Beach and can be reached at The Choe Center for Facial Plastic Surgery at 757.389.5850 for a personal consultation.