I saw on TV last week that Kim Kardashian had a severe allergic reaction to her Botox injection. She was having lunch at a restaurant when all of the area around her eye started to become very swollen. It eventually turned black and blue. Do I run the risk of this happening to me? Are there any guarantees that it won’t?

The most common side effects of Botox cosmetic injection are localized bruising, headaches, tiredness, and when injected very close to the eyelids, a temporary eyelid droop. More severe side effects can include allergic reactions such as swelling, rash, and respiratory symptoms. While any medical procedure can have side effects, I think it is important to put everything in perspective. There are no guarantees but Botox injection has proven to be a safe non-surgical option for dynamic facial lines. That is probably why millions of patients every year chooses to have Botox injections.