What woman wouldn’t want a nose like Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson? Just  look at it and all the wonderful attributes that make it a thing of sultry beauty. It’s cute, petite, pleasantly round and slightly projected. The nostrils are small – not too small – and the general nasal configuration is in perfect harmony and balance with her other soft facial characteristics.

Small wonder Johansson just happens to be one of the most requested noses by rhinoplasty patients.

Is that Scarlett Johansson in Your Mirror?

It’s the finest form of flattery, you might say, if not just a bit slavishly trendy.

One can truly appreciate Johansson’s gorgeously unassuming nose. Without a doubt, beautiful noses are natural works of art and they’re so easy to look at.

But when nature isn’t being as generous, many a female celebrity has resorted to the handiwork of a gifted plastic surgeon with special expertise in rhinoplasty.

Life Imitates Hollywood

Jessica Alba is another celebrity blessed with a nose that is in high demand by rhinoplasty patients and loyal fans.

Alba’s straight, slender nasal bridge seems to blend seamlessly in with her gentle nasolabial folds. The nose tip is slightly elevated so that it enhances the fullness of her lips.

Did She, or Didn’t She?

It doesn’t really matter whether or not Jennifer Aniston had cosmetic nose surgery when you come right down to it. There are more pressing issues in life these days. But female rhinoplasty patients just love that slender, aquiline nose of hers. And what’s not to love? It’s the epitome of nasal symmetry and graceful aging, with a slight nostril flare to accent the relative shortness of the nose bridge. It’s the kind of nose every 40-something woman would love to call her own.

Actress Julia Roberts is another aesthetic case in point. Her wide facial features and thin nasal base width all bring an elegance and harmony to the whole of her broad facial architecture. Nothing seems overly prominent or out of place.

Spanish celebrity Penelope Cruz has a wonderfully subtle, nasal dip that gently offsets her wide lips and directs attention to her soft brow line. She is a true standard bearer of beauty in the eyes of many rhinoplasty patients.

Salma Hayek is yet another celebrity with a much sought-after nose, thanks in part to her relatively short nasal projection and broad nasal tip which compliment her strong jawline.

Is There a Celebrity in You?

The desire to imitate a Hollywood starlet is understandable given the inherent social and emotional rewards by doing so. Through imitation there is the expectation that some positive attribute of the celebrity will somehow “rub off” on us and make us more attractive and desirable. As we honor the celebrity through imitation, though, we only deny the unique value of our individual selves in some way.

To thine own self be true – ancient words to live by – even as you prepare for cosmetic nose surgery. Keep in mind that what looks good on Scarlett or Julia may not look as good on you.  An experienced and qualified facial plastic surgeon can provide you with a nose that rivals that of any celebrity’s while working with your individual facial features for true facial harmony.

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