What can I do to improve the look of my skin after the summer?

Despite daily use of sun screens, after a long summer your skin will have gone through some changes and visible signs of damage such as brown spots, broken capillaries and uneven skin tone and texture. There are few options to improve the look and feel of your skin. First, a non-surigcal skin care products (medical grade always) that decrease the melanin production and help to exfoliate your skin will help the look of your skin without any downtime. Second, light to deep chemical peels can be beneficial. Series of light peels such as glycolic acid to more potent 35% TCA (trichloric acid) peels can definitely remove most of your visible spots less broke capillaries. Lastly, LASER in combination with IPL (intense pulse light) can make a big difference. A laser such as the 2790nm laser only removes the outer layer of skin with only 4-5 days of down time is an excellent choice for many active and busy patients. More to follow next week on different types of peels and lasers.