A decision to have facial cosmetic surgery is deeply personal. Many patients have thought about having a procedure done for many months, if not years. Once the decision has been made patients often are daunted with the task of choosing the right surgeon. They may ask their friends, hair stylists, or go on the web to search for a surgeon. What if you still can’t decide? There are few key points that are imperative in choosing the right surgeon.

First, is the surgeon board certified by the appropriate board? Board certification means they finished their training and passed the appropriate exams.  Remember, this is your face. While you can hide  scars on your belly from a tummy tuck, scars from facial work often cannot be hidden or reversed. Surgeons certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (See who is certified in your area at www.abfprs.org.) focus on the face alone. Therefore, these surgeons have more experience in dealing with facial procedures.

Second, does the surgeon have a collection of photos of recently satisfied patients? Be cautious if a surgeon has only a few photos for display or if they were taken years ago. It would also be beneficial if the surgeon could provide a list of patients you could contact and ask questions? Next, you must feel comfortable with the surgeon.  Finding a surgeon who is not only excellent at what he does but who is also personable will make your experience more pleasant.

Lastly, has an institution such as AAAHC accredited the surgical facility?  This will ensure that the facility has met the required national safety and quality health care standards.