The majority of people who are considering plastic surgery are usually considering one, maybe two, procedures to correct an area they’ve long been unhappy about or to restore a more youthful appearance. While many patients have realistic expectations when it comes to surgery, there are a few who take it to the extreme. These patients are usually the ones you read about in the tabloid, from the two women who want to look like a Barbie doll to the young British man who wants to look like Kim Kardashian.

The people who are aiming for an extreme makeover by way of plastic surgery are definitely not the norm. But since they receive so much coverage and attention, it can seem as though they represent the average patient. While that’s just not the case, there are a few things a regular person thinking about surgery can learn from those who take it to the extreme.

Understanding Expectations

One thing that surgeons usually stress when a person is considering surgery is the importance of having realistic expectations. In the cases of extreme surgeries, what is most commonly on display is a number of unrealistic expectations.

Take the British man, Jordan Parke, who made it his goal to look like professional celebrity Kim Kardashian. Parke decided that he loved Kardashian, and her look, and went to great lengths to try to emulate that look. He received eyebrow tattoos to imitate Kardashian’s thick brows, around 50 lip injections to achieve a fuller mouth, and the so-called vampire facelift.

While Parke might want to look like Kardashian, it’s fairly safe to say that his expectations weren’t realistic. He claims to be happy with the results of his many procedures, noting that he mostly did it for the attention, even if some of it was negative. Parke is an extreme case. While he might say that he is happy with his results, there are a number of other cases of extreme surgery that left the patient scarred for life.

Lorrie Arias, a former contestant on the controversial reality TV show “The Swan,” is one example. Arias was considering a tummy tuck, but in the end received 10 surgeries, including a facelift, eyelid lift, brow lift, and rhinoplasty, as well as several body procedures. The dramatic changes Arias experienced actually did more harm than good, as her son was upset by her new look, and friends and family were critical of her.

Perhaps no one was more critical than Arias herself, who told the Huffington Post that she felt guilty after the surgeries. She admitted to wanting her old look back and to being happier before all of her procedures.

If you are thinking about surgery, it’s a good idea to ask yourself why you want the procedure. The answer should be to make yourself look better or to feel better about your appearance. Although some people do get plenty of attention when they have plastic surgery, the goal for most should be a result that looks realistic and natural. It’s also important not to let other influence your choices to have surgery or not.

Safety Should Always Come First

After realistic expectations, safety should be another primary concern for patients considering any type of plastic surgery, extreme or not. Some cases of extreme surgery can provide a cautionary tale when it comes to choosing an experienced surgeon and doing a fair amount of research before deciding on a procedure.

Tatiana Williams, a transgender woman who wanted to have a butt like Kim Kardashian’s, admitted to receiving a number of silicone injections on the black market. Williams is not unaware of the risks involved in having silicone injected by a non-doctor. She landed in the hospital for a few weeks after one botched procedure left her with a punctured lung. She’s also seen people severely injured by the injections. The risks involved in black market procedures just aren’t worth it.

Your Surgeon Can Offer Trustworthy Advice

When it comes to making a decision about surgery, the tabloids can provide a bit of entertainment, but they shouldn’t be a source of guidance. If you aren’t sure whether your expectations for surgery are realistic or not or whether the procedure you are thinking about is appropriate for you, turn to a board certified, experienced plastic surgeon. In the Virginia Beach area, you can turn to Dr. Kyle Choe with any questions you have. The initial consultation with Dr. Choe is a time for getting to know the surgeon and the procedure and for weighing all of your options. Call 757.389.5850 to make an appointment today.